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Awaz Radio 22-03-2013 Sawal Jawab
FM Radio 16-8-2011 Hamaray Mu’ashray Main Deen Say Doori Awr Quran Say La Ilmi
Dawah Radio 26-3-2008
Awaz Radio 26-2-2005
Asma Hanif Islam And Women In Pakistan
Topic Duration Date Audio
Tanqeed (Q&A) 0:02:00 10-5-2012, Islamabad
Parents’ Role in Spreading Deen (Q&A) 0:03:00 5-4-2012, Riyadh
Topic Duration Date Audio
An Introduction of Dr.Farhat Hashmi (Riyadh) 0:03:40 2-4-2012
An Introduction of Dr.Farhat Hashmi (Dammam) 0:06:11 8-4-2012
  1. Choudry Hassan Riaz

    I pray that may Allah bless Doctor Farhat Hashmi with great success in this world and in the next world .

  2. samina abid

    i am correspondent of dr farhat hashmi i learn basics of our religion and i feel very happy after join ai huda Allah bless my teacher dr farhat with healthy life i love dr farhat very much

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