Welcome to Al-Huda Institute of Islamic Education For Women, Islamabad.


Al-Huda Islamabad offers a variety of long and short duration courses in morning and evening sessions. Following are the major ones:

Select the course you wish to join and follow the admission procedure accordingly.

  1. Taleem al Quran (English, Urdu),
  2. Taleem al Hadith,
  3. Taleem al Tajweed,
  4. Tadabbur al Quran,
  5. Feham al Quran (English, Urdu),
  6. Tahfeez al Quran,
  7. Taleem al Qiraat al Ashrah,
  8. Summer course (English, Urdu)

Details of each course are mentioned in the respective flyer.

May Allah bless you. Aameen