Correspondence Courses

Information about Correspondence Courses Alhuda International Islamabad

You are welcome to learn Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, Tarbiyyah o Tazkiyah through our Correspondence Courses.

We cater students from all over the world except for USA & Canada who are registered by Alhuda US and Alhuda Institute Canada.

All the courses are based on listening to lessons by Dr Farhat Hashmi, followed by their tests. All the lessons are available on Alhuda websites |

Lessons are also available on the App Quran for All & Quran in Hand, on smart phones.

Fehm al Quran Course:

Our first/primary course is Fehm al Quran. It is based on running translation & brief tafseer of complete Quran followed by Assignments (which are open book tests). FQ course gives a brief introduction to Quran and the student learns how to attempt the papers as well.


The duration of this course is 30 weeks or less, which means the students must complete atleast one para (Its listening+Assignment) every week.

Students completing FQ course become eligible to take admission in Taleem al Quran Course.

Two years back, we have started Fehm al Quran course for Gents, based on Dr Idrees Zubair’s Dawrah Quran 2020.

Taleem al Quran Course:

This is based on word to word translation and detailed tafseer of complete Quran.

The duration of this course is 30 months i.e one para every month. At completion of every para, the student has to give its test.

After completing Taleem al Quran course, the students are given the choice to opt out for Taleem al Hadith, Taleem al Fiqh, Taleem al Seerah or Tarbiyyah o Tazkiyah courses.

Alhamdolillah, we are now starting two new courses

  1. Short Tarbiyyah courses based on Tarbiyyah books on different topics taught by Dr Farhat Hashmi. 

(Anyone can do this course. There is no requirement for having done Taleem al Quran or Fehm al Quran before this).

  1. Tadabbur al Quran course based on in depth study of Words and verses of each para.

(Only for students who have completed detailed Quran tafseer courses (Taleem al Quran, Saut al Quran, Taleem e Deen & Tafheem e Deen).

We give our students the opportunity to study and take tests at their convenience, but definitely they should try to complete the course in the given time frame.

We can send our prospectus/admission form, Registration letters/ Instructions, Assignments/Papers through email and receive the solved papers like wise.

The rest of the details are given in the Prospectus of the respective course.

For further details please write to given email addresses:

[email protected]    / [email protected]