A Grandmother's Love

Zainab Habib

A grandmother’s love is of a special kind
It’s the kind of love that’s hard to find

Pieces of her heart that are now outside
Such tender feelings mixed with pride

So many thoughts go through her mind
With lots of hopes and prayers combined

That her beloved grand-kids grow up to be
The kind of Muslims our world needs to see

Tender to kin, kind to friend and foe
Their honesty and courage an example to show

Their practice of Islam that will make her proud
An upright character that speaks out loud

Courteous, trustworthy, generous to all
Ready to help when they hear someone call

Educated, successful, yet humility their mark
Seeking Allah’s pleasure in each and every task

Living in this world but with much lofty aims
Conscious of the responsibility placed on them

To convey Allah’s Message and our Prophet’s (s.a.w.) ways
Much needed role models in this day and age

Morning and night she supplicates for them
May Allah give them faith and strength

To love them dearly this grandma is there
May Allah always keep them under His care