Creations Worth Pondering

By Amna Anjum

Lush green beauty that embraces the earth,
Blue tent that encircles the world,

All wide oceans that surround,
and tall these mountains on the ground,

Pearls embedded in deep sea beds,
Flowers blossom and then shed

Snowy clouds that sprinkle rain,
O man! This all is not created in vain.

Powerful waves that onward flow,

Reflect perseverance as they hit the shore,
Birds chirping more and more,

Creatures surviving in the deep sea core,
And all lovely sights that delight the soul.

This beauty created has no bounds,
On earth it is everywhere found,

It all reflects the presence of someOne around,
He Who is the Master of all,

There is none like Him and can never be,
His awesome creations we all can see ,

Yet! Only they understand who ponder,
Over the oceans deep and wide,

The stars, the moon and the sunrise
They are above all clever and wise,

And explore hidden signs time to time.
O Lord! Grant us wisdom and foresight,
Guide us towards the brightest light,

So that we ever do good and right,
And explore the hidden beauties during the day and the night