For You And Me

by Asma bint Shameem

When the world was full of darkness and oppression
He worshipped his One Lord in seclusion
Away from all idols, away from all deity
In Cave Hiraa he was chosen…..for you and me

As he propagated the Message True,
Not many believed him but a few
He faced torture, persecution and agony
Yet he endured it….for you and me

They mocked him, they cursed him, a madman they called him,
With money they even tried to buy him,
They threw on him intestines and garbage so filthy,
But, he patiently persisted…..for you and me

A heart full of hope, he turned to another place,
Maybe they will believe in him; his was a familiar face
But they stoned him, and pelted him with debris
At Taif, he bled…..for you and me

Such atrocity! The Heavens shook, the Earth cried
He could have easily had them destroyed
Yet he forgave them. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t be
For they were the ancestors…..for you and me.

In the Night of Israa, his Lord honored him,
Up to the Seven Heavens He called him
When the Order came for Prayers Fifty
Ya Rabb, five. He pleaded…..for you and me

For thirteen years he spread Islaam
Teaching them the basics of Imaan
Yet they didn’t understand; their hearts were empty
So to Madina he migrated ….for you and me.

They tried to stop him, but his Message was unstoppable
They tried to suppress him, but the Truth was inevitable
He brought to the world, peace and equality
He spread the Light….for you and me

He was truthful, upright, kind and compassionate
He was humble, noble, brave and so gallant
Kindness was his message even to his enemy
Such was his teaching….for you and me.

He was Allaah’s Beloved, his sins were forgiven,
But he worshipped all night till his feet were swollen,
Not for his own self concerned was he
He prayed all night….for you and me

It was his Ummah that was the cause of his worry
His eyes would turn red, his beard so teary
Our Hereafter was his anxiety
He shed his tears…..for you and me

He came to perfect good manners, his was the perfect example
Quran was his character, so noble was his sample
He was sent to all creation as a mercy
He is the Best….for you and me.

If we follow his Sunnah, uphold his Way
We will succeed surely on that Day
No more tiredness, no more thirsty
He will wait at Kauther….for you and me.

When all other Prophets will turn away
Ummati, Ummati is what he will say
“Forgive them, Ya Allaah!”, will be his plea
He will intercede….for you and me.

And now they try, as they tried once before
To defame and slander him, but one thing’s for sure
They will NEVER, EVER succeed, for undoubtedly
He is the highest with the Almighty.

Look at what he did for you, look how much he loved you
The big question is: what are YOU going to do?
The time is NOW….. for you and me.

But don’t lose perspective, in a moment of passion
Remember to behave in an Islamic fashion
Don’t respond to evil with violence and cruelty
That’s what he said… you and me.