He Never Frowned!

By Amna Anjum

An exemplary model for the entire mankind,
No match on earth anywhere one can find,

To guide us all the way through life,
For perfection at all times to strive.

His shining face always bearing the sweet smile,
No one had seen him frowning ever for a while,

His kind heartedness and generosity had no bounds,
Goodness he did for everyone he found;

From his truthfulness and honesty, even the enemies could not refute,
The modesty of character he possessed, today nowhere it can be found.

And then, there came a day in his life,
It was hot and the sun brightly shone,

In the burning desert he walked all alone
Having one mission on mind and just one goal known,

Inviting people to Islam was the job,
But all good from their hearts the Satan had robbed.

Finally he reached at the destination where the rulers stood,
He invited them to Islam as politely as he could.

To his invitation all bluntly refused, alone he stood there confused,
Not only this, by disrespecting him they all were amused.

They threw on him stones until every part of his body oozed with blood,
Causing even his shoes to flood!

Not a word of curse to them he said,
And seeked refuge in a garden where he went,

An angel appeared in sight,
‘O Prophet (sws) of Allah!’ he said, ‘the time is now right, these mountains for me are so light,
I can squeeze this nation between them if you like’,

‘O Allah (SWT)’, he said, ‘they do not know,
Here some pious people too reside, for them something good You please decide,

Bless them so they can understand’
Politeness still reflecting from his voice,
Though he could have asked to finish them… he had the choice!

Bravery does not exist in conquering,
It exists in forgiving and in smiling,

Controlling anger is a difficult task,
But just think once and ask,

If my Prophet (saw) never frowned,
I should never let him down!