I Can Never....

By Asma bint Shameem

I was just a helpless baby…… I didn’t know how to talk
You taught me everything….You gave me strength to walk

You gave me life, protected and cherished me
Brothers, sisters, and parents who loved me

Good times, fond memories, friends to play with
A brain to think, ears to hear, two eyes to see with

A healthy body, intellect, and a sound mind
The ability to judge between wrong and right

And during sickness, it is only You that heals me
And when I am hungry it is surely You that feeds me

You’ve given me everything, Your blessings are innumerable
Even if I tried, Your countless favors are immeasurable

I keep on making mistakes and yet You keep on blessing me
But the biggest blessing of all, ya Rabbi is the Imaan You gave me

And even IF……from the day I was born……until Eternity
I kept on thanking You, Ya Allaah, I will fail miserably

For, I can never thank you enough for all the blessings You give me
I can never thank you with the Thanks of which YOU are WORTHY

How Perfect You are O Allaah, and I venerate You.
You are Almighty, Most High…all Praise belongs to You

Exalted is Your Name, so Glorified is Your Mention
The Heavens and the Earth all declare Your Perfection

Blessed be Your name, so Lofty is Your Position
Its You that I worship and to You is my submission

O Allaah, You are As-Salaam and from You is all peace
To You bows all Creation, the mountains, the seven seas

Not a leaf does fall, except by Your Consent
Not a soul dare breathe but only if You assent

How Sublime You are….Possessor of Total Power,
Sovereignty, Magnificence, Grandeur and Honor

If all the trees were pens, all the oceans were ink, too
They would all be depleted…before they could praise You

And even IF…..from the day I was born…..until Eternity
I kept on praising You, Ya Allaah, I will fail miserably

For, I can never praise you enough for Your Might, Your Majesty
I can never praise you with the Praise of which YOU are WORTHY

There is no God but You….to that I bear witness
Other deities are all false, I swear by Your Greatness

None has the right to be worshipped except You.
I seek Your forgiveness and I repent unto You.

Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my death and my life
Are all for Your Pleasure…and that’s for what I strive

You are my Lord Master and I am your weak servant
I am here to obey You and abide to Your Covenant

Unto You I have bowed, and in You I have believed
I believe in the Prophet and the Qur’aan You revealed

You ‘re Sufficient for me, I entrust my affairs to You
With love, hope and fear….. who else can I turn to?

To You I make Dua, and its upon You that I rely
In Your name I live Ya Rabb, and in Your name I’ll die.

O Owner of everything….You’re the Only One
To You we all belong and to You we all return

And even IF…. from the day I was born…..until Eternity
I kept on worshipping You, Ya Allaah, I will fail miserably

For, I can never worship you enough ’cos You’re The Almighty
I can never worship you with the Worship of which YOU are WORTHY