It's High Time..

Zainab Habib

Its really high time that we lived our lives
On a conscious level, with our conscience alive

The resources we have won’t always be there
If we keep spending them without a care

So here are some questions we need to ask
If we can’t answer them, its time we start

Do we leave the lights on when we leave a room?
Do we keep using AC when the weather’s cool?

Do we burn up car fuel without a thought?
Do we think “Car pools? –I’d much rather not!”

Do we park wherever there’s space and just walk?
Or we go round and round for a closer slot

When we use paper, do we use both sides?
To reduce filing space and garbage size

When we throw out the garbage do we minimize?
Small things in big ones is the way that’s right

For each thing we buy is it one shopper bag?
Do we think, “its free, so what is so bad?”

Do we use it again or it’s trash it goes in?
Do we put cans and bottles in recycling bins?

Do we throw out good things without second thought?
Does it clutter our homes, all the extras we’ve bought?

Despite someone, somewhere, being really in need
When with thought and effort, their need we could meet

Do we, without conscience, go on shopping sprees?
While so many people have little to eat

When it comes to food, is it left on our plates?
‘Cause we’ve taken too much in the first place

Do we think about water, do we try to save it?
Have we tried all the ways to stop wasting it?

As for our time, is it precious to us?
Or we say, “life should not be lived in a rush”?

Are we always late, and waste others’ time?
Be it meetings or parties, we really don’t mind

Do we spend time in planning? Do we work smart?
Or we really feel good when we just work hard

There are so many things we can add to this list
We can do so much if we’re conscious of it

It’s the way to live a responsible life
It’s the best kind of training for yourself and your child

So let us resolve that from now on we’ll strive
To live our lives with our conscience alive