Madeenah….I love You

by Asma bint Shameem

In the middle of the desert, across the seven seas
Lies a lush valley most beloved to me

There are no skyscrapers, there is no fancy life
There is nothing of this dunya yet it’s the most beautiful sight

Beautiful are its little houses, so charming are its dusty roads
So gorgeous are its palm trees, bending over with their loads

Its nights are so fragrant, its days are so blessed
no one can describe it….no words to express it

In Madeenah there is peace, Madeenah is a healing
It is a sanctuary for every heart that is feeling

When I look in the streets, I see young children playing
I wonder if they realize the enormity of this blessing

To be brought up in the blessed streets of this sacred city
To wake up every morning and to enjoy its sanctity

What I would give to be in their place, I wish it were me instead
I wish…I make dua……as I lay here in my bed

Ya Rabbi, take me to Madeenah….that’s where I belong
That’s my place…everywhere else seems so wrong

I just don’t belong here…. I simply don’t blend in
Nothing else seems right, I just don’t fit in

It’s Madeenah that I desire, to Madeenah is my Calling
Madeenah is the place my achy heart is longing

How my heart craves…. How it yearns to be with you
Madeenah is where I left my heart, O Madeenah, how I miss you!

Every time I visit you, with immense peace I am overcome

My restless heart finds serenity… a feeling… I’m finally home

I love you O Madeenah, I love you in so many ways
I want to spend my life there, for the rest of my days

In Madeenah I want to live and in Madeenah I want to die
To be buried with ten thousand Sahaabah, in al-Baqee’ I want to lie

So maybe… when we are resurrected, with the Sahaabah I will be
I am hoping Allaah will forgive me, that’s the only chance for me

And just like how Umar al-Faarooq often used to pray
I make the same dua to Allaah as he and I also say

O Allaah, give me Shahaadah and grant me this Sacred City
For indeed it is pure…. it is blessed….it is Madeenahtun-Nabi