What happened to those days when my Emaan was strong?
When I wouldn’t dare think of doing anything wrong

When my yaqeen in Allah(swt) would lead me through
The good and bad .. the old and new

What happened to those days when my du’aa was sincere?
When there was absolutely nothing on earth that I would fear

When I was certain that Allah(swt) was really near
And would run to Him and leave all that is dear

What happened to those days when I could read and recite Quraan well?
When I bought al-Janna and this dunya I would sell

When my heart was pure and all full of light
When my qiyam was my only source of strength and might

What’s wrong my nafs .. why did you fall?
Don’t you know that Allah(swt) knows and hears your call?

A little test like this one shouldn’t beat you so
It shouldn’t pull you down to a level so low

Don’t you know that Allah(swt) chooses what is best
And that this is all a previously planned test

Don’t you know that He(swt) hears your soul .. He(swt) hears your cry
He(swt) sees you fall… He(swt) sees you sigh

Allah(swt) is Great… Allah(swt) is Al-Hakeem
His ways are just no matter how dark it may seem

Hold on my nafs to the fireball in your palm
Hold on to it and when it burns act calm

Whenever it falls, bend down and restart
Let those tears fall and wipe that heart

Remember my nafs the beauty of the promised firdaus
You know it’s your dream to build there a house

Get back on your feet and go back to those days
I know this only a passing phase ..

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?(55:16)