Solidarity means together we stand

Always ready to lend you a hand

If you’re in distress we’re there for you

It is Life’s own law, it’s not something new

Hurricane or flood, earthquake or drought

Or the problems that people’s own hands may have wrought

Solidarity means not just grieving for you

It’s doing what we can to give help to you

It could be us tomorrow, if it’s you today

For troubles can come anybody’s way

Blessed are those who remember this fact

And live their lives according to that

Black, white, brown, yellow, colors of life

Diversity is what really gives our lives spice

Yet, despite being different, we’re all the same

Just look at the color that runs through our veins

Our hearts, our bodies, all of us feel pain

And to cry for others is to be humane

Compassion, this feeling – it runs so deep

If one part hurts, the whole body can’t sleep

Helping each other gives meaning to life

It’s the kind of goal for which we should strive

Because Life’s about more than just me and you

Let’s put in our best, there’s so much we can do

Solidarity means strength, it should be our aim

Without it humanity would be put to shame

So let’s join hands, there’s work for everyone

There’s no better way of getting things done.