Still Another Chance

By: Ayesha Quadri

Today was a day, a day very hard,
I felt very tighten, in my heart.

As our second term result were given in our hand,
then we understood where we all stand.

Some hearts were full of joy and happiness,
Some hearts were full of hope for the next.

Thanks to Allah that he gave us a chance to improve,
as after death we will only have to move,(for the next step)

My eyes were full of tears and heart was full of fear,
thinking how we’ll face the final day when no one will be near.

No changes can be done in the final letter(book of records),
No second chance to make it better.

And there we will stand in front of our lord,
and that too will our complete record.

No excuses and no speaking at all,
so how come we now neglect the call.

I just imagine the day and only I pray,
I am pleased with you, this Allah should say.

I pray that Allah put on us a loving glance,
and say that dear you need no other chance.

I forgive you and make you enter my paradise,
even though your efforts were little and not very nice.

The mercy of Allah, will only they get,

who followed his path till the last breath.
This is the path shown by our beloved, (Prophet SAWS)

not only shown but he himself implemented.
So come on from now lets strive very hard,

if we wish to win we have to safeguard. (have piety in ourselves)