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Awaz Radio 22-03-2013 Sawal Jawab
FM Radio 16-8-2011 Hamaray Mu’ashray Main Deen Say Doori Awr Quran Say La Ilmi
Dawah Radio 26-3-2008
Awaz Radio 26-2-2005
Asma Hanif Islam And Women In Pakistan
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Tanqeed (Q&A) 0:02:00 10-5-2012, Islamabad
Parents’ Role in Spreading Deen (Q&A) 0:03:00 5-4-2012, Riyadh
Topic Duration Date Audio
An Introduction of Dr.Farhat Hashmi (Riyadh) 0:03:40 2-4-2012
An Introduction of Dr.Farhat Hashmi (Dammam) 0:06:11 8-4-2012


  1. i am correspondent of dr farhat hashmi i learn basics of our religion and i feel very happy after join ai huda Allah bless my teacher dr farhat with healthy life i love dr farhat very much

  2. Aoa….I m very Glad after Joining AlHuda…..I learned a lot of things and AlHumDulillah Still learning….You are the Most Influential Personality in My Life…..I am keeeenly Deserious To Meet You…..<3

  3. we respected Quraan before but the true love of Quraan was felt after learning its tafseer by ustazah.May Allah swt grant ustazah best of this world and hereater ameen.

  4. mahallah long live happy life ustazah Allah accept all this from u and Allah bless us.Ameen

  5. Assalamualaikum….I M very much inspired by Doctor Saheba’s tafseer al quran…the indepth knowledge of islamic interpretation has lead her to distribute where those in need….she is most honourable scholar to learn from her islam…and ALLAH SWT bless her with good health n time to serve many more lives…JAZAKALLAH.

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