Ring Back Tone (RBT)

Alhamdulillah Introducing Ringback Tones (RBT) by Al-Huda International- an interesting, affordable yet simple opportunity of dawah for everyone.
Now, Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor and Warid users may select and set brief audio clips from Tafsir of Dr Farhat Hashmi, Dr Idrees, Taimiyyah Zubair and others, as their Ringback Tone. Anyone who calls them, will listen to an Emaan-raising audio clip before the call is picked up.

The Procedure is very simple.

1 . Choose an audio clip from the table below.
2. Send its corresponding RBT code (vis-a-vis your telco) as SMS according to the procedure below:

  • Ufone:     Send RBT Code to 666
  • Mobilink:  Send “GET<space>RBT Code” to 230
  • Telenor:  Send “ST<space>RBT Code” to 230
  • Warid:     Send RBT Code to 7171
  • Zong:     Send RBT Code to 230

3. Immediately your new RBT will be set and anyone calling on your number, will listen to this message before you pick up the call.
4. To change your RBT, repeat the above procedure with a different Code each time. No extra/hidden charges are applied to change RBTs.

About Alhuda RBTs

• The RBTs are no longer than 40 seconds.
• You will be charged as per RBT charges of your telco service. Please visit the links for detail:
Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, Zong
Alhamdulillah by investing a very minimal amount, you can make hundreds of people listen to good & positive messages based upon Qur’an and Sunnah In Sha Allah.

You can Contribute too!

You may contribute to the Al-Huda RBT project by identifying any audio extract (of 30-40 seconds from tafseer); suitable for being an RBT. Email your suggestion at [email protected] with subject ‘RBT suggestion’.