Dearest Ustaza

I really hope and pray that you are in good health and faith. The trip of June 6 to Islamabad turned out to be an insightful and eye opening experience as we met you and heard such a touching talk by you, Ustaza, and I believe that only truth can touch and inspire human heart. Our students were very excited and enthusiastic to go on this trip and they came back with double their energy and their faith, MashaAllah. I hope we get more chances to enlighten and nurture our spirituality because in these times of turmoil and hopelessness; spirituality is the only hope to bring a positive change in us and our surroundings. A lot of positivity and spirituality is needed against all the negativity and unnecessary fear which have overcome our hearts. A few pieces of expression given by our students on this enlightening session of yours are following:

I tasted the delight of travelling for Allah. There is no such feeling as good as when you travel for Allah’s sake.’

A Journey together with so many people is a way of increasing sense of coordination and kindness towards one another.’

I found simplicity, sincerity and peace in Ustaza’s words and personality, MashaAllah.’

From a few months I had been having dreams about going to acquire knowledge, and I got stunned and shocked when I entered Al-Huda Isalamabad Campus realizing it was the very building I had seen in my dreams from where I was to get knowledge.’

I have never felt such happiness in my heart the way I felt going on this trip and witnessing the discipline there at Islamabad Campus and the fact that there is a set up of such high standard for our religious education brought hope and pride to my heart.’

The simple style of Ustaza’s lecture made it all the more effective and interesting.’

These were some excerpts from students’ feedback. They have written loads but I just wanted to give you an idea. JazakaAllah Khair once again for giving us an opportunity to be in your Suhbat.

Sincerely yours,

Quratul Ain Khan

Regional Coordinator