Dr. Farhat Hashmi

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  1. Aleem

    Masha Allah Great Islamic Women Scholar

    • dear mam,
      thank u a lot for guiding us in the righteous way,thank uuuuuu

    • Sadia shafiq

      Mashallha feeling much secure after starting my course in saut ul Quran thank you isn’t enough

    • Zaibun Meer

      Mashallah one of the best woman scholars of this century. I listen to your thafseers everyday. Thank you for all the detail.

    • Asma AhmedKhan


      today frõm depth of my heart I want to thank dr. Farhat Hashmi ,my Usraza muhtarma on her contribution towards Islam. As im her student and working in dubai as an Islamic teacher. Here I came to know about how much authentic source of knowledge I’ve got from Alhuda.There the students are learning best of Islam and being a practical Muslim. I gave my tajweed test here to the ministry and I had full marks and that all I learnt in Alhuda international.May Allah bless Ustaza a healthy and blessed life and we stay sadqa jariya for her forever InshAllah

  2. Madam you are a star on the face of earth.

  3. Samia

    Mashallah you are amazing

  4. Dear Ma’am,
    Assalamu Alikum
    thanks for guiding everyone including me.

  5. Muhammad Aamir Khan

    In actual means, you are a Shining Star from Galaxy – A example from the meaning of the Name of Ameer-e-Muawiyah RaziAllahu Ahnu…..

  6. naeema

    salam farhat hashmi is the roie model of seerat e sahabiat she change our life may allah give her lot of ajar in this dunia n akhirat.i have no words to tell her thanks.

  7. Syed Mehboob Ali

    Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    Respectable Madam,
    May Allah Almighty keep you healthy, happy for ever under His Shadow & live you long. amin
    Your speeches are very informative, very very effective & appeal to every one to act upon according to Quran o Sunnah.
    i m very inspired by your speeches mostly your speeches influenced me much that tears have become in my eyes.
    I am very thankful to Allah that gave me the chance to listen to you.



  9. Assalamu alaikum only one week I got this website alhamdullilah, always I pray that I want to recite quran clearly and by heart ,alhamdullilah allah gave me a chance to listen this….now my dream become a dr farhathashimi. But I don’t know how to start my journey. ..I think that..inshaa allah allah will help me ….
    may allah accept your pray and every thing…………………………..

  10. sumbul

    best scholar n women ever….one of my favourite personality

  11. The only muslim women scholar I am inspired of. My mother already a great fan of her because of her student in Alhuda Lahore,May Allah give her Jazza for her struggle to provide Islamic knowledge to the women especially as they required .
    Proud to be Syed Hashmi as well.

  12. nisha

    aslammu alikum ..mam me v impresd frm ur prsnlty..u r mashaAllah ..u r simple n nice

  13. Sidra

    JazakALLAH. jitni apki baat dil py asar karti hai utni kisi ki nahi karti. THNAKYOU FOR EVERYTHING USTAZA

  14. Mariam

    Asslam o alaikum Ma Shaa ALLAH you are doing great work. q k bohat zrorat hai aj kal hum insano ko ic taleem ki.bas dua hai k jo koi net use karey to wo aisi web sites ko b join karey.WASLAM

  15. Dear Mam i’ll only say that
    Please Save Earth Because Its The Only Planet with Dr.Farhat Hashmi

  16. My most respectful teacher assalam o alikum.I am most thankful to you for giving the beautiful and worlds best knowledge of quran and sunnah.allah give her health for continue this beautiful job.please pray for me for the perfectly understand this quran and sunnah knowledge.

  17. Mrs samina roohi

    Dear madam asalam oalaqum Ma sha allah you are doing a great work for islam in this world. Allah ki ap per rahmet ho ameen. Madam my sister Perveen Akhter was completed her takmeel a quran from Wah Cantt alhudha 2013 and she recieved sanad from you in Islamabad. Now a days she was teaching Quran e pak in same centre. She died 14th auguest by heart attack . So please you prayer for my sister jazak allah and any one who read this.thank you very much.allah hafiz

  18. Akram Khan

    Thanks for your works toward Islam.


  19. yasmeen

    Dearest ustazah I really thankful to ALLAH that He choose a teacher to you because you are teaching us like a mother
    And I realized that I learned from you did not learned even from my mother

  20. Muhammad Tahir Shahab

    I am an avid admirer of the SCHOLAR who is a real source of inspiration towards the right path.

    JAZAK ALLAH for all her endeavors despite many Odds and Challenges faced in the way…………

  21. Soofia


    I love my ustaza because she is my rohani mother . Allah gives you good health with iman and big reward in dunya and akhirah .amin .

  22. No doubt she explains very complex things with great ease. may Allah keep her healthy & sound to work for Islam.

  23. shazia

    Assalaam alikum wrwb!dearest ustazah indeed you are my spiritual mother.
    SubhaanAllah the way you explain Quran words specailly root words Alhumdulillah we are blessed to have Teacher like you.
    jaazaakiAllahu khairan kaseeraa.

    Wassalaam shazia afridi

  24. Mostafizur Rahman

    Dear Madam
    Your reciting the Quran technic inspired me to read the Quran.
    Before I did not know how to read the Quran ,I learn from you
    when you are teaching the Quran to children.Allah bless you.
    ZazaAllah khaer

  25. Fatima Iqbal

    Mam I am really impressed by you…..
    Your lectures are really a great source of improvement and energy for me.
    I am grateful 2 u for such superb Islamic lectures for all.
    May ALLAH ALMIGHTY Bless u with all of HIS Blessings and accept your good deeds!aameen sum aameen

  26. Waqar Ahmed

    Thanks a lot for your great initiatives.

  27. zainab

    ustaza u r the precious gift of Allah subhan wa ta;ala….

  28. Asiya

    I would like to thank you for guiding us in a righteous way.I often listen to ur lectures and try to put them in practice.May Allah reward u for ur efforts.

  29. aslam baloch rind

    Good islamic scholar who is inspiring the Muslim Ummah to a large extend.May Allah accept her effort in this regard,

  30. aoa wrwb

    there are a few scholars who not only clear your doubts but from their own personality motivate you in doing good and sticking to it. ALHAMDULILLAH i got i chance to be her student. may ALLAH increase her ranks and make her students sadaqa e jaria for her.

  31. allahtala aap ko jazekhir ata farmae aap ne hamri soch samajh ko deen ki taraf phair diya

  32. farhana

    may Allah shower His blessings on u .ustaza u r beacon light for the people who r away from right way.thank u for guidence

  33. may Allah bless u best place in Jannah.u changed my life and I am getting lot of Islamic knowledge from your lectures through internet

  34. respected madam……….. every day i listen your (tafseer-e-quran) waaz on FM after fajar salah.
    may Allah bless u & your family members & give unlimited happiness with health and success (ameen), you distribute a lot of Islamic knowledge for all…… and thanks for guidance.

  35. dearest ustaza .you are an example of seerah e sahabiyat . i have learned alot from your many lectures .we are lucky to have such great scholar as our teacher .you are the one who fillrd my heart with love for allah swt ,prophet muhammad (pbuh)and quran alhamdullilah may Allah bless you and your family and most above Allah help you in your mission of Quran for all and in every hand jazakallah

  36. Umm e Kalsoom

    Dear Usatada (Specialy Mam)

    I am delivering now your study and lessons in general public. Quraan is now in thier hands and heart. JazakAllah.

  37. Kausar Barlas

    You are mam who change my life, make friendship With Quran, how live in this world,when we have and nothing with SHUKAR & SABAR.. Alway say ALHUMDULILAH…

  38. Amir Mustafa

    Our Sister is amazing way to teach the Quran.
    Masha Allah Our Sister is doing best job in the world.
    May Allah Guide All Muslims .

  39. kalsoom naveed

    dear mam
    i started Fehmul Quran and completed 22 paras and totally changed my thinking and life stile
    Bundle of thanks. Allah give you long life. kalsoom from Lahore

  40. Sidra qamar

    Thank you soo much mam .. Aapka samjhanay ka tareeka bilkul meri ammi ki tarah hay main ne Allah se dua ki k main apni zindagi us Kay mutabik guzaroon n us k baad aapkay lectures meray samnay aiy ab mukhtilif pahlo apni shaksiyat Kay badalnay ki koshish ker rahi hoon aapkay liay bohat dua kerti hoon Allah aapko dunia n akhira dono main kamiyabi ata keray Al huda join kernay ki permission nahi mujhay after marriage mager main gher Beth Kay aapkay lectures sunti hoon mujhay ilm hasil kernay ka bohat shoak hay umeed n dua kerti hoon agay anay walay waqt main Islam kay liay n Allah ki rah main Kuch kersakoon .. App meri rohani mother hain

  41. I am benefiting much from your islamic lectures based on Quran and sunnah and implementing accordingly.
    Due to your immense spreading of lectures on various topics and i am particular very much inspire with you and your Husband Dr. Idris.
    I had recently did Umra wherein I did make Dua for you people.

    Jazakallah khair ilaikum.

    Mohammed Salem Baoom Al Kheleifi

  42. samiaa haneef

    Asslam o Alikum
    Dear Madam, please allow me to express my regard and gratitude towards your struggle to improve our community according to prime standards of Islam. I am one of your countless students who benefited and will keep benefiting from your lectures. Your lectures and the way you deliver them are a great source of learning. I wish for your long life and may you continue your great efforts throughout you life. I pray for your health, long prosperous life and that May Allah bless your with his choicest blessings. Ameen

  43. Sarfraj Mohammed

    Assalamualaykum, it is a great work which is done by Medam (Farhat Hashmi). Allah will reward you. Now any one can learn and teach from this website.

    (Sarfraj Mohammed)

  44. Azhra amreen

    Assalamualaikum ma’m JazakAllah u khaira
    I just started listening to your tafseer and I’m very very thankful
    Alhumdulillah I finally got the best source.may Allah swt grant you health and success in this life and hereafter Ameen


    I make children to memorize Surah’s. I am neither student nor scholar but hold the passion to please Allah by serving in this manner. I came across while browsing Dr Farhat Hashmi lessons. I picked Surah Feel and start practicing with my grandson who is just 2 1/2 years old. While i was reading with in an hour he manage to memorize in full. He loves to read exactly she made children to read .
    May Allah give her all the happiness and shower blessings to see her children growing in the path of Allah and teaching of Prophet Mohammed and His Ahlulbayt (PBUH). AMEEN…AMEEN. You are in our Dua all times.

  46. Badar Quraishi

    Alhamdulillah we have learnt so much from you. May Allah give u health and all his rehmath, ameen. you have made the dream come true by giving Quran in every ones hand. jazakillah khair.

  47. aoa.i listened ur lectures from (tafseer ul quran) cd of 2002.mam I got the miracle of QURAN that how it change the concepts,ideas and life,if the teacher is like you.i felt so blessed to have you in us.May ALLAH bless you with long happy life.love you.

  48. Aslamoalikom firstly want to say big thankyou to frhat khashami.I started course this year. I had lots of family problems. as soon I started course I solved my all problems. My Allah give you more himat and long life to solve the others problems. Ameen.x

  49. Wasla Mad i

    Jazak Allah khairun mam aap shayad janti nahi india mein aapke kitne fan hain

    Aapke lectures aapka samjgane ka andaz waqai baar baar sunne KO dil cahta hair air amal karne KO bhi dil cahta hair
    An Quran shareef bhi samajh me aane laga hai air confidence bhi jazak Allah Khairun mam aaj pehli baar mera dil chaha me kash mein Pakistani hoti
    Aapki student banner ka mauka miljata

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