1. Bismillah
    Assalam o Alikum wr wb
    We all are Muslims but we really don’t have any idea or clue of what we believe & whom we follow .Jazak Allah for making us learn this science that will help us to base on a strong building of Imman.
    Authentic definitions of Imman & Aqeedah made us think that we should …inside & out Zahir & Batin should be clear of all innovations & according to Quran & sunnah .
    Yesterday I got a call from a correspondent student from India .He is listening to Live class every day .This class has opened the door to let the light of knowledge clear his confusions & doubts.Special thank to Ustazah for excellent explanation.
    Thanks to Teams

  2. thanks for such a beautiful active website and ALLAH swt ustaza ko lambi sehat wali. naikio se berpur zindagi ata farmaye.ameen

  3. Assalaamu’alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh!

    Alhamdulillaah me and my friends are doing Taleemul Quran Correspondence course here in Delhi, India. After joining these classes we all have realized the true purpose of our lives, we all are striving to change ourselves and the world for the better Bi-idhnillaah and we need Du’aas for the same.
    Ustazah is indeed a great blessing to the Ummah today. May ALLAH preserve her and grant her a healthy, long life so that we can keep benefiting from her vast knowledge. Aameen. 🙂

    JazakAllaahu Khairan.

  4. . Assalamu Alaikumwr.wb
    JazakAllah Khair for this work very nice and active informative website.and Ustazah Dr.Farhat Hashmi is Ne’amat for Ummate Muslimah we learn lot from her Allah give her long long life.Ameen

  5. These lectures on Aqeedah have opened my heart to a lot of things which I had never thought of before… apart from other things the most important benefit that I derived from this course is that I have at last found the answer to the biggest question of my heart… and that question is: why don’t we act according to our faith?

    So is there something wrong in our faith? Or are we so dumb that we cannot follow what we know for sure as the ONLY WAY TO SUCCESS? So what is stopping us from obeying Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w)… ?

    The reason is that we don’t have the right Aqeedah… or even if it is right, it is not strong enough. The word Aqeedah originates from the word “Aqd” which means to tie a knot. So Aqeedah means to tie a knot so that your faith gets strongly connected to your heart. Faith might be just a thought transferred to your heart through listening to what people said or did, but Aqeedah is a conscious act through which you deliberately commit your heart to your belief… exactly like tying a knot tightly and securely…

    So imagine if your heart is tied up to the correct belief then surely it will have to follow the belief to which it has been tied up with… And that will be the end of all contradiction because all the things will go in the same direction… your faith will pull your heart and your heart will pull you to the right actions and consequently your whole life will be directed towards Allah’s pleasure and the success which he has promised… InshaAllahJ

    • Asslamoalakum Wr Wb

      You have rightly mentioned here sister the ‘root cause ‘ for why despite our ilm and aqal ,we fail to obey Allah S.W.T and Sunnah of Rasool S.A.W. We do not tend to tie this knot ‘ Aqeedah ‘ securely,vividly and honestly .Influenced by satan conspiracies in the form of our environment,cultures,rituals,greeds and peer pressures,we keep on swinging like a pendulum between Akhrat and Duniya as the two poles and that is really a miserable state of mind and heart.We start forgetting who I am?,whose I am?,why I am here?where to go?
      We forget that the only solution comes to be Rbbani ‘Samiyana wa Ataana * and to achieve this goal, to learn and practice honestly without bias the Right Aqeeda is the key.
      Lots of heartiest prayers to the most respected and dearest Ustaza Dr.Farhat Hashmi ,truly gift from Allah S.W.T and for each and every contributor to her team.May she live long with highest Emaan and may ALLAH always be happy with her ameen

      JzakALLAH Khair Kaseeran
      Alhuda TQWD student

  6. Asalsm o alikum wrwb,
    Amazing lectures mashAllah.Every lecture makes our concepts more clear.I am really really very thankful to Ustazah and her team.May Allah give the bestest reward to Ustazah and her team in this world and hereafter Ameen..And may Allah show us the right path.
    Sadia Aamer
    from Dubai.

  7. jazakallah, thank you for beautiful and full of knowledge lectures. ALLAh hamari ustaza ko lambi umer atta fermaye aur une aur naik kam kerne ki taufeeq atta fermaye AMEEN

  8. Assalamo Alikum

    I have the same feeling and Duas which the others have mentioned here .I have almost all your Books publish from AlHuda.and mostly i have read them But i did not under stand as the ustazah has explained .jazak Allah.As a studend I feel Proud of Blessing the Ustazah.So many Duas For you and your team,Jazakallah

  9. Asalam u alaikum(ra)
    N0w a days Dr.farhat hashmi our ustaza teaching leading us”Islami Aqa,id with reference of Quran and ahadees ,it is a great work.Allah give her long and healthy life.Ameen.thanks to team.

  10. Assalam O Alykum Ustazah ,

    Alhumdulillah i am so khush naseeb ,without spending a penny ,her roz or waqt main is website say mustafeed horahe hon. I am a very punctual ,8 or may be more time a day this website i hit the button. i dont have enough words … AIk khawahish hai dil main kah main ustazah ki student team or Alhuda ka hissa banuon. Ameen.

    inshaAllah Wallah hu Aalim.
    Madiha bint Asif , Tasnim
    zojah shakeel Nasir
    Willowbrook , IL

    praise be to ALLAH AHAD for blessing us to know about the spirit of Islam in light of authentic sources i-e QURAAN N sahih ahadees
    may ALLAH TAALAA keep us on right aqeedah n giv best reward to ustazah n all pious scholars n teachers working for the cause of spreading authentic knowledge of Islam.aameen

  12. I never taught about Islami Aqaa id in this maner I was so impress I think only ustazah can teach dificult things in simple langue with beautiful example

  13. Assalaam alaikum wr wb
    Me and my family are very regular listener of lectures by sister Farhat Hashmi. I must say you are doing a great service to the ummah. May Allah strengthen you in your cause and give you the best rewards for your intentions and work.
    Jazakallah Khairan

  14. Dear Every One, Asalaam O Alaikum

    We do not have words to express our gratitude for the teachings of Respected Ustadazh DrFarhat Hashmi. May Allah give her sound health and long life so that we all get benefited from her. I am a man of 55 years and have not understood the Aqeeda the way I am understanding it through listening her lectures. Even by just lessening to her Tafseer a new vision of Quran is open to me now.

    We must support her by all means and I mean all means financially as well as by giving moral support. The least we can do is raise our hand and pray for her. But Friends , such a huge work need financial support which we often overlook. My humble request to whoever is listening her lectures to make an annual budget to support her cause. I know there are many enemies to damage her image. So, please pray for her for her safety and protection also.
    Irshad Naseem

  15. aslam o alakm all muslim brother and sister
    i am evry day istening and my family are very regular listener of lectures by sister Farhat Hashmi. I must say you are doing a great service to the ummah. May Allah strengthen you in your cause and give you the best rewards for your intentions and work.
    allah alwas keep hand .Jazakallah Khairan

  16. Subhannallah i like her lectures and Allah help Her in every conditions of her life
    thanks from you (Dr. Farhat Hashmi Sahibah) and you’re website i take allot of knowledge from you’re website.

  17. Bismillah Hirrahaman Nir raheem,

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Jaza Kallah Khair, May Almighty Allah reward you for your effort. I am really benefited from your bayans. Truthly i cannot say how much . Inshallah I will spend more time in learning Quran and Implementing Sunnah. You have explained to us so easily and most importantly, it reaches my heart. Thanks. I pray to Allah to reward you in this world and in hereafter. Ameen.

  18. Maliha Riaz

    Dear ustaaza,

    U are the best teacher i have ever heard my life has changed a lot after listening to your lectures
    in anything i do i first think will this step of mine bring me closer to allah taala n this has made life easier and beautiful this change in me has come after listening to u alhumdulilah, may allah bless u

    thank you

  19. assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    dear ustaza,i would like to appreciate the work which you are doing and which has changed my way of thinking as well ,as i think that the essence of my diploma course is that now i am very conscious of my deeds as i want to check my intention first that whether i want to please allah or someone else and it is true that shirk comes in our lives very scretly that we are not even aware of it ,so alhamdulillah now i am never alone ,wherever i am, i know allah is with me ,so why to worry about anything.now i can feel closeness to allah as i can talk to him and share my worries and ask for everything
    jazakillah khairan kaseera for introducing this beautiful relationship with my allah ,which i was not aware of before

  20. assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakuthu
    uztaza is ‘the source of inspiration’ for me and my big friends group..through her tafsir of quran we found right direction for our lifes.through her ALLAAH SWT has made us better muslims alhamdulilah and we are proud to say that we are dr.farhat hashmi’s students for she made us create a new relation with our RABB..we are currently reading the aqida book with her recording,still in the midst of it but even the few chapters that we have done were more than enough to shake us up and make us aware of the most smallest shirk we could commit and end up being in the hell fire.jazakALLAAHU khairan katheera dearest and respected uztaza for all your efforts you put into this work,the logical and scientific reasoning and the practical examples that you give to make us understand..and above all your true concern and your motherly approach towards your students which comforts us and helps us grasp things easily but strongly..
    my words are few but my feeligs and gratefulness towards you is immense.alhamdulilah
    always praying for your good life in both the worlds..
    bushra and her whole group of friends..

  21. Assalamu Allaikum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakathuh!

    Dear Ustaza,

    Me and my family is a regular listener of your Lectures, I must say that you are our best teacher we have
    ever heard and you are instrumental in changing our lives towards Islam. Al Hamdu Lillah you are doing
    a great job in spreading the message of Islam world over. May Allah give you great health and strength and
    fulfill your dream to teach Quran in every home and every heart. May Allah bless you with with great rewards
    for your best intentions and work to guide the Muslim Ummah.


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