How To Use The New Feature Of ``Bookmark Time``

Since we continue to strive to make our website more user friendly for our users, we have developed a new feature in our audio section alhamdulillah. While listening to an audio lecture now you can bookmark lecture time along with the notes for listening later. If you want to access your bookmarks from different devices or browsers, you need to create an account. Then, you must login every time with your account details in order to access the bookmarks anywhere you want. For this purpose please follow the instructions below along with screenshots. However, if you only want to save and access them on a single device and browser then there is no need to create an account.

I. Clicking on the Login button in top bar will bring up the login form. In order to register for the first time, click on “Are You a Member?”. Enter your user name, email and password and Register.

II. Use your previously saved user id & password in order to login.

III. Click on the “plus” sign on the player to bring up the bookmark time popup window.


IV. You can also type your notes along with the bookmark.


V. After saving the book mark click on cross sign to close the window.


VI. 1.To view your saved bookmarks, click on the bookmark icon on the player.
      2. To view your saved notes click on the bar.


VII.  1. In order to delete a saved bookmark, click on the check box.
         2. Now click the cross to delete.
         3. If you want to delete an entire list then simply click on the three bars.

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