Name:Khalid Pervez

Date:22nd February 2012



The reason I really went as far as writing you was that I live in Dallas Texas, USA. Over the week-end I was in a religious gathering and I came across some one in the gathering who was visiting from the Pakistan. Names of different Islamic scholars came under the discussion, including Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi.

Needless to say that I have been follower of Dr. Hashmi for quite some years. When I heard some unexpected remarks made by the visitor about Dr. Hashmi, I was surprised and became curious. I wanted to learn more. So I engaged in a private discussion, on a one-on-one basis, with the visitor and asked him to tell me more about Dr. Hashmi. To make it short, he did not speak well of Dr. Hashmi & her qualifications. I thought I was being mis-led about Dr. Hashmi. Since I had totally different views of Dr. Hashmi’s qualifications, so I thought why not to go ahead and write to you & get the clarification.

Again, I live in Dallas Texas, USA. I am a male. I am not sure if you are aware or not that in Western culture, especially in USA, there is no family life. There is no family bond. There is no husband-wife respect which is taught by Islam. There is no parent-children respect & manners which is taught by Islam. Most families adopt Western culture and family institution is destroyed. THIS IS A VERY, VERY, VERY EXTREMELY SERIOUS PROBLEM IN MUSLIM HOMES IN USA.

Over a few decades, I have heard countless speakers in my life in Masajids, TVs, Radios, Newspapers & so on. I am proud of the fact that I have never, ever heard no one AND, I MEAN no one speaking the way I have have heard Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi speak. Every one talks about family problems & issues but, no one and I mean no one, teaches husbands/wives DOs & DON’Ts, which I feel are the ABCs to make one’s house-hold a better home & better family. Most speakers just say things that would make their audience happy. Speakers tend to tell the audience what the audience what the want to hear. As such, the speakers try to gain public popularity. When it comes to women speakers, they try to rub in Western style freedom for women. The next thing you know is that the wife goes home and starts fighting husband.

On the contrary, I have heard Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi countless times addressing women. I have heard her teaching women DOs & DON’Ts, how to be better wives, how to make their homes better, how to make their families better and so on. I believe this kind of teachings of Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi keeps families united, keeps homes from breaking apart, keeps children’s lives from being torn apart because of divorces. Because of these teachings, I am a follower of Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi and when ever some one in the community comes to me with family problems, I recommend them to listen to Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi.

I am no one compared with Dr. Hashmi but, from what I know, any one who mis-leads the others, ALLAH SWT is not pleased with him. I feel I was mis-lead by that visitor from the Pakistan about Dr. Hashmi’s qualifications & he should not have spoken ills of her. I pray for ALLAH SWT’s guidance for every one. May no one mis-lead others. At the same time, I pray for Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi & her family. I pray ALLAH SWT reward her & her family in this world as well as in the next, for what she does for humanity, for what she teaches women and for making house-holds better homes. May ALLAW SWT be pleased with her and her family, in this world as well as in the next.

With Duaas, Khalid

Name:  Fazal Ahmad Fazal

Date:7th April 2012


Assalamo Alaikom w.r.w.b.

I want to declare my and my wife love and respect to our brother Dr Idress Zubair and our sister Dr. Farhat Hashmi and all those brothers and sisters who take part in this Islamic efforts of educating Muslims in an effective and efficient way.

It does not matter whether you all are in Pakistan or any other parts of the world, but we feel you as members of our family and we pray to Allah to give you the best rewards because your efforts give us a lot of spiritual benefits.

Name: Imrana Mohiuddin
Date:6th April 2012
Title:Glad to be part of your mission-‘Quran For All’

Assalamalaikum wr wb

Dear Ustadha, On this big occasion of the convocation of our batch of Taleem Al Quran, Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia) I have mixed feelings.I so much wanted to be a part of this ceremony and be able to meet my dear teacher Dr Farhat Hashmi. But Allah swt had destined for me something else.Even though I am not there to celebrate this happy occasion with my dear friends and teachers I wanted to share my thoughts.

Firstly I am thankful to Allah for giving me this privilege of being able to understand His words.Acquiring knowledge of The Holy Quran is a great blessing and also a greater responsibility. Indeed The Holy Quran is guidance for mankind.It is indeed a means of solace and cure for the hearts. The Holy Quran has Alhamdulillah completely changed my perspective, my priorities,my interests,my relationship with others and of course my relationship with My Creator.

Secondly I am very grateful to Ustadha for imparting this knowledge to us.I always had this wish to be able to understand The Words of Allah swt.Alhamdulillah Allah swt granted me this wish with Taleem Al Quran course.During the course each verse was like an awakening.I felt as if I wasn’t a true muslim before and its now that I have understood the real beauty of Islam. May Allah swt reward Ustadha for sharing her indepth knowledge and making it easy for us commoners to understand The words of Allah swt.I have benefitted tremendously from the knowledge and wisdom of The Holy Quran.

My dedicated teachers were best role models for me as how to not just acquire the knowledge but also spread it to others.They truly had the qualities of Muhsinaat. When I completed this course I was not sure what to do but Allah swt had made better plans for me Alhamdulillah. I moved to Calgary,Canada and soon met sisters who were eager to learn the book of Allah.Soon I started an online course with the intention to share this great knowledge.Alhamdulillah there are many sisters who attend and now The Holy Quran has become a part of their lives. Recently me and a dear friend of mine who is also a student of Al Huda have started online classes for kids called “Al Falah”.

Surely Allah swt gives us friends who share the same love of The Holy Quran.
Alhamdulillah I find great pleasure in letting you know dear Ustadha that because of the knowledge you gave me I am able to spread it to others and be part of your mission ‘Quran For All’.

JazakAllah khair kaseeran.

Name:Rashid Khan

Date:20th Feb 2012

Title:Kudos to Farhat Hashmi!

In a society, where difference of opinion is not at all appreciated, the so-called Islamists and the equally rigid and extreme liberals are not ready to listen to eachothers’s reasoning, and simply dream of a country where there is no challenge to their opted point of view, people like Farhat Hashmi are the only ray of hope that continues their valuable endeavors without going into unwanted controversies.

Kudos to Ms. Hashmi..Kudos to Al-Huda!!

Name::Farzana Abdullah

Date:14th Feb 2012


اللہ تعالی میری پیاری استاذہ کو نظر بد سے بچائے آمین استاذہ آپ کے اندر اتنی ساری جو کوالٹیز ہیں یہ کیسے آتیں ہیں؟ ماشاء اللہ آپ کی سوچ اور آپ کا دل میں کبھی کبھی حیران رہ جاتی ہوں آپ ایک ہی وقت میں لوگوں سے معاملہ کرتے ہوئے بھی بڑی چیزوں کا خیال رکھتیں ہیں کوئی بات آپ کے منہ سے ایسی نہیں نکلتی کہ کسی کا دل ٹوٹے یا کسی ایک کی طرف داری ہو جائے

اسی طرح جب آپ جب الھدی کی کسی آنٹی یا اور سٹاف سے ملتیں ہیں تو لگتا ہے آپ کو شاید اس سے زیادہ مخبت ہےمگر جب دوسری سے بات کرتیں ہیں تو لگتا ہے اس سے زیادہ ہو گی پتا ہی نہیں چلتا آپ نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی اس سنت پر الحمد للہ زبردست عمل کرتیں ہیں

آپ دوسروں سے اتنے صاف دل سےملتیں ہیں کہ جیسے اس شخص سے کبھی کوئی غلطی ہوئی نہ ہواور اس کو آپ نے جو کام بھی دیا ہو اس پر اس نے کبھی نہ نہ کی ہواورتمام کام اچھے طریقے سےمکمل کیے ہوئے ہوں نہ کبھی آپ کا دل دکھایا ہو اور وہ ایسا شحص ہو کہ اس کی شکایت کبھی آپ کے پاس نہ آئی ہو ں

میں نے آپ کو دیکھا ہے آپ مریم کے ساتھ بھی کام ہی کی بات کرتیں ہیں غیر ضروری باتیں نہیں کرتیں
پھر جب میں آپ سے ہر الٹی سیدھی بات کر لیتی ہوں تو آپ کیا سوچ کر برداشت کرتیں ہیں
اور بھی بہت کچھ نوٹ کیا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
یہ کیسے ہوتا ہے؟

Name:Dr Hanif

Date:26th June 2011

Title: Thank You Allah

I am a medical specialist. i first stumbled upon dr farhat hashmi’s lecture when i went to buy music cassette in 2005 (during my 2nd year residency in internal medicine). it was titled ‘Qiyamah’. i listened to it in my car. i liked the simple and easy to grasp language used to explain quranic verses related to the topic. it was new for me to listen to islam in that way after all those 25 years of my life. some days later again i went to same shop to buy music cd and alonwith it, i came across taleem ul quran 2002 cd.

As now i had the previous experience, i bought it with intention to listen it if i have ‘spare time’. one day i made myself sit to listen first lecture and that was the ‘sweetest and coolest’ mistake i ever did. Allah has helped me listen full course in about 4 years along with my training and routine.

Although it was not a formal course but it has changed my life. now i do the same job and follow same routine, but with a different objective. now i love quran because i can understand its message which was an alien for me before. i thank Allah for showing me the path and i pray Him to increase me in my knowledge and deeds so that He may love me.

Aand i cannot find adequate words to tell you about my feelings for what a great job dr farhat and her team is doing. i pray for your success in this life and in hereafter.

Name:Azeeza Syeed

Date:16th May, 2011

Title:Tafseer & Translation

Assalaam Alaikum,

Alhumdulillah..! by the Grace of Almighty, i’ve noticed a change in me and the credit goes to Dr Farhat Hashmi. jazakallahwa khair Dr Farhat! i’ve been reading the Quran and rading the translations in english but i never followed what it treally meant until i heard your lectures online.

Its almost 6 months now that i have made it a practice of listening to your lectures and reading the Qurana and listening to the tafseer verse by verse and now im able to follow what im reading in the Quran. i started interospecting myself everyday and trying to overcome all the bad qualities in me and trying my level best to be a true muslim.

Need your prayers to continue in the same manner and teach my son and people around me whatever im learning from your lectures, Ameen

Name::Shazia Nawaz

Date::8th May, 2011


Piyari Ustazah,

السلام علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکٰۃ

Alhamdulillah Allah ka croroan Ahsaan aur shukr that He has blessed me opportunities to stay close to my most beloved and dearest Teacher, Mentor “Ustazah”. After Him i am extremely thankful to my dearest Ustazah for being so patient with me always, supporting me, forgiving my shortcomings, caring and loving me. All these things are priceless and cannot be expressed in words.

Time i spent in Karachi Alhamdulillah is like the Glorious era of my life, what i was before coming there it was like an 190 degree change. All credit goes to Allah swt for making it easy for me and to “You” Ustazah as you allowed me to stay close to you and learn from you 24/7.

Ustazah uss waqt jo sekha Alhamdulillah Allah naay isse kaam kaay liye tayar karna thaa. Aap naay Alhamdulillah mughe har tarha ka kaam from kitchen to academics to admin to managing home 🙂 I pray Allah swt phir saay aesi opportunities dain in which i stay, learn, benefit and get wisdom to spreading deen from you.

ameen sum ameen love you loads 🙂


Date:20th April, 2011

Title:O Allah !


I am an 11 year old student muslim in 6th grade. I always go on this site to memorize surah’s this deserves 5 stars. Dr. Farhat Hashmi has the courage to teach other people islam which most of us dont have the courage to do. Thank you so much for doing whatever allah has given you to make Islam the best religon ever. Inshallah you will make your way to jennah inshallah.

Name:Dr. Fouzia

Date:18th April, 2011


Dear and Respected madam,

Assalam u Allaikum,

May Allah keep you in best state of health. I have completed my specialization in gynae on 16th Nov2010 and after coming back to Uk on Jan2011,not only i am revising my Quran with translation/Tafseer but also i am teaching Quran in my home.Alhumdullilah we have completed 1st para. We are also studying tajweed and seerat of prophet mohammed[pbuh]. I am also trying to get an access to any masjid where ican start Quran,so far i havent succeeded.But i am sure Allah will show me the way Inshaallah. Mashallah your website is marvellous,astounding,fabulous,fantastic andZabardast.

It keeps me alive.Although i have comleted my course from alhuda years ago but my heart is left there,i cannot forget you , people with you,my class and time we have passed in learning Quran.

The way you have taught us Quran with passion,emotions and love with Allah is exclusive.And as i am listening tafseer of quran of2005-2006 and fresh lectures on different topics I can feel something different in you.I can feel intesity in your heart to spread Allah’s message to every one and also to make us understand to have Imman and AMALE SALEHA like Sahaba RAZI ALLah Anhum.

Daily when we do our lesson of Quran here in my home and after it we offer dua Allah huma anis Wahshati fe qabri………in a way i have learned from you,the whole scenario of my class,ur voice comen into my mind and my heart and eyes filled witu tears of thanks to Allah who has guided us towards His path and has given me best of teachers both in my medical field and in Quran. Please dont cosider these words are coming from my mouth,these are coming from my heart,iwant to share it with you.
Please also pray for me,Allah give me strength and taufeeq to do best for deen.I know Allah dont need us but we need Allah,and it will be a great honour for us to become Allah’s Servent.

I will always remember MA KANA LILLahe BAQIYYAH(WHAt would be only for ALLAh will STAY/REMAIN) May Allah give you long life,bless you and ur family And give his best reward here and life hereafter.


Date:11th April, 2011

Title:Quran Became Alive !

Assalum u Alaikum,

Quran was a buried treasure discovered by Dr Farhat Hashmi.The gems were hidden, the lessons were there but we needed the key to open that, and that was done by Dr Farhat Hashmi and Al Huda Institute.

The message uplifts you, it shakes you, it trembles you. But only when you untie the knots of wonderous root words .
Never before, Quran reading was so engrossing and engaging. It is a wonderful world to discover, mesmerizing voyage to experience and bountiful blessing to be thankful for.

After Allah, I’m really thankful to Dr Farhat Hashmi and others who made it possible for us to taste the real sweetness of His words.

Name:Humaira Qureshi
Date:6th April 2011
Title:Dr Farhat Hashmi woke up muslim women

Dr Farhat Hashmi was the first woman scholar who confidently brought the message of Islam to the ordinary women.She related the day to day life of ours to the Quraan.We never thought about Quraan that way.It was such a tremendous idea that now there are so many women doing the same thing.

She paved the path and now there are alot of people guiding so many others with the lamp of knowledge.May Allah SWT protect her and showers His mercy on our ustazah.Ameen.

Name:Ayesha Tariq

Date:2nd Oct 2010

Title:Alhuda Is Commendable

Assalamu Alaikum

Dedication,devotion.determination and authenticity of Alhuda and Dr. Farhat Hashmi are highly commendable. Her critical analysis and logical convincing efforts have introduced true face of Islam to the world without disintegrating Muslim Ummah into any sect.

Just like Dr Zakir Naik and Dr Israr Ahmad she has been the ICON AND PRIDE of UMMAH. Infact ALHUDA HAS BEEN a great blessing of ALLAH for the educated youth of umah.


  1. I could not find words to thank Ustazah Dr.Frahat Hashmi.I do not feel there are words which can fully express my deep emotions of thankfulness and gratitude.I pray for her every day, “May Allah bless my ustazah with long healthy life so we can benefit from her every day.’I have a dream,’Can we (New Yorker) be blessed like the Canadians.I hope Allah will answer our pryers one day inshaAllah.
    O Allah bless my Ustazah with health (kamila & Ajila) ameen.
    Nusrat Yasmen
    New York

  2. Assalamu Alaikum
    i hope you will be fine my u reach the pinnacle of happiness u have taken a good way to teach the new generation and aware them in the light of Quran and hadeeth i appriciate all those workd done by you and will pray to continue such kind of spritual duty.

  3. Assalamualaikum ww ;I’m indonesian, 61 year and I’m pensioned government official, and now I’m learning english language and arabic through al qur’an and hadith, by website from program’s Dr Farhat Hasmi I very very helped in about it. thank for ALLAH SWT and thanks to Dr Farhat Hasmi.

  4. Assalam o aleikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu

    May ALLAH ,reward you immensley ,increase your knowledge,lucidity,and passion for all the beneficial endeavour

    I am one of the most stringent and arduous student to be taught ever,who withdraws immediately if teacher doesn’t follow this proverb “What is said from heart,reaches heart”.


    Alhamdulillah Dr Farhat Hashmi Sahiba is the only scholar that I came across who possess all the above.
    I thank ALLAH(SWT) for granting us all such a rare gem in the form of Dearest USATAZA.

    I am grateful to ALLAH(swt)that I come across this website and got a chance to benefit from this wonderful person, who makes Quran a part of my heart,feeling Quran as somthing very personal to me.

    once again


  5. Asslamo Alikum wa rahamtuallaha e wa barakatuhu.i heard a lot of lectures of doctor sahiba.i m very impressed and want to be a part of AL HUDA.but i think i don’t have a lot of qualities.please do a special dua for me that ALLAH choose me for HIS deen n accept me as HIS real servant.at this moment i m in the UK as a student and i teach in a mosque SHEFFIELD.MAY ALLAH BLESS OUR DEAR DR FARHAT HASHMI.I don’t have words that how i explain my feelings for dr sahiba only ALLAH knows.MAY ALLAH GIVE HER A LOT OF BLESSINGS N BARAKAT N ALSO GIVE ME N MY PARENTS N MY ALL ISLAMIC SISTERS N BROTHERS AMEEN JAZA KUMUALLAHA KHAIR.

  6. Alhamdulillah. I am very fortunate to have found this way of learning the Quran. I pray for Dr Farhat Hashmi that Allah accepts her efforts in helping Muslim ladies learn the Quran in the most effective, simple as well as touching way. The way she teaches the Quran is something that we easily identify with. It seems that she plays the role of a mother and elder sister in guiding us to the way of Islam.
    I lost my parents but when I listen to her talks I feel as if my parents are still there to tell me right and wrong and to help me lead the life in the light of the Quran.
    I pray that Allah guide me and keep me guided to the right path and give me strength of Eman to pass this message of the Quran forward to others. May Allah help all of us students of the Quran and all Muslims in general to practice what we learn from the Holy Quran..aameen.

  7. asalamualikum,WRBKT, Respected ustada.one day early in the morrnig i tunned Radio on which ur tafseer was in progress,i was very impressed, then my routine started to listen ur tafseer through Radio,but the problem was that transmation was not comming clearly in our village{FATA} that irritated me alot.finaly through some sources i found small shop in “sita gadai market”located in cant,peshawar, from where i took Tafseer 2005 in canada and cassetes of ur lectures.AlhamdulleALLAh i saved it in my mobile and now i am open Quran pak and play serial vz lesson through mobile.i feel drastic change in my life and every mornig and evening i pray for ur health and knowlegde.May ALLAH Almighty give you JANNAT-E-ADAN.ameen ya rabul Alameen.

  8. Asalamoalikum,
    Alhumdulillah the audio lectures and website of al-huda are great.i came to know about Ustatzah and al-huda when i was 12 years old.i used to listen one cassette of ustatzah daily and Allah changed my life.the difference i felt at al-huda, is the way of preaching islam in great manner.for me al-huda international institude is the best institude i ever saw.May Allah shower his blessings upon Dr.Farhat Hashmi and the people who help and support this organization.i advice all my friends to visit al-huda.the most authentic form of religion i see in Al-huda international.alhumdulillah ustatzah’s lectures changed the life of many people including men and children also.may Allah bless ustatzah with health,wealth and jannat tul firdous.ameen.
    maryam saleem
    United Arab Emirates

  9. Assalamoalekum, May Allah be pleased with you and your family, Dr farhat Hashmi a leading character, and a great source of guidance for us. May Allah give you long life. and this website is really precious treasure.

    Jazakallah khair

  10. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    I am very very much greatful to ALLAH that HE establish a plateform in form of ALHuda, International, where women can comfortably learn the Quran and Hadith and then execute deen into their life. May Allah give jaza-e-khair to Dr. Farhat and her team in this life and the life hereafter. Ameen.

  11. Assalam alikum wrhmatullahi wbrkatuhu
    Alhamdullilah kaseera Apke Al huda ke branches jo hr trf hai hme unse bhutt faida ho rha hai Allah ka shukr hai ki mai jati hu Taleem al quran ka course krtii hu or apki jo tqreer or Beshumar lectures hai mai sunti Allah ke fzal se merii lyf me bhutt changes mhsoos hue mujhe merii dua hai ki Allah apko khubb achii sehat de or ap isi trh deen ka kaam krtii rhe or apko khubb kamiyabi de dunia or aakhirat me apke bcho ko Allah kamiyab kre or ap sbko jannatul firdouse me jgh de Ameen…
    Ustaza plzz ap mere family ko or mujhe bhii apni duao me zrur yad rkhiyega
    Jazakallah khairan kaseera

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