1. as,i thanks 2 allaha who gave us many thinks,a good teacher just like u,i pray 2 allaha who protact all the teacher.

  2. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Alhamdulilah

    It was a surprise,because from the caller id it was not known. My husband picked the phone and He thaught Ustazah herself was calling :). When She said “Assalam o alaokum”,my husband said he said walekum Assalam ,jee main Roohi ko phone de raha hoon,then she said “kaise hain aaplog ,”,he replied Alhamdulillah ,sab khareeat hai ,main abhi deta hoon Roohi ko phone :D.
    It was a surprised,Alhamdulillah it was a reminder after a month passed after reminder.May Allah keep us on the Sarat Al Mustaqqem,Ameeen. I have a suggestion,if possible,write “two minutes with Ustazah” as a caller id.Canthis recording be saved on cell phones or would you please send us the recordings too.
    Jazak Allah khair

  3. Aslam alaikum! Thank you for the sms recording of Ustaza Farhat Hashmi. It was great Mashallah to receive this mini darse during the day. I enjoyed this facility Alhumdolillah. I did find her voice to be somewhat fuzzy, as tho she was being played from a CD. Her voice was distant and lacked clarity in some areas.
    But by far, I enjoyed this facility and await the next recording Inshallah.
    Jazakallah Khair

  4. Assalamalaikum WR WB
    Alhamdullilah I received Ustazah’s call at 4:30p.m. Toronto time. My CID showed an unknown name (which I usually don’t pick up as most of them are tele marketers), but Alhamdulliah I’m so glad that I picked up this one. I was such a wonderful experience that for 2 or 3 seconds I thought that Ustazah actually called me.
    I’v just one concern that what if I’m not able to pick up the phone then I’ll miss the message. So kindly let me know what I should do to make sure that I can hear Ustazah’s voice even if my 4 year old child has picked up the phone.
    JazakAllah K K

  5. Bismillah,
    Dear Sister,
    Ustazah’s message is a very good reminder for all us to remember what we promised during Ramadan & where are we standing now in regard to our ibadah, ziker ,dealings with others with all of our jawarah.
    May Allah swt guide us and give us strength to continue all of our good deeds we started during Ramadan & motivate us to get maximum benefits from Ustazah’s messages.

  6. AA
    it was a hectic saturday evening,i was in the middle of a hectic routine which happens before going to a saturday party at my friends house ,my kids were asking me what to wear ,my husband was asking me when to leave and i was attending them while the phone rang ,i thought about letting answering machine do its job but somehow i picked up the phone but then when i heard Usthda’s voice on the other side everything froze around me i quickly found a quite corner where i can listen to her one more time which reminded me all the things we learned and promised to do in Ramdhan and carry on by atleast reading Nafal Salath everyday
    IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bismillah,
    Asslamualaikum wswb,
    Piayri Shaziabehan , Alhamdulilla Iwas very happy and thrilled to hear the message of dear ustaza Farhat Hashmi sahiba. It was clear, and is a reminder for us .
    May Allahthala give her long and healthy life,and may we become sadqiejaria for her ameen. Jazakallakhairan for your kindness and sincere effort to help us to lead the life on the path of Allahsubhanuthallah.May Allahthallah accept your sincere efforts and reward you the best in life and akhira ameen.

  8. ALHAMDULILAH ustaza ur best teacher alhamdulilah in surah baqara tafseer u told us about da importance of ayatul kursi subhanalah thats my routine to read it.
    and my two year son alh before he go to sleep he keep reminding me mama teacher say ayatul kursi:).alhamdulilah

  9. Bismillaah,assalamualaikum,,jazkallah khair,i heard your very fresh meassages… otherwise i am still listening your voice in audio casstes almost everyday..

  10. Assalamalaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barakatuhu
    Jazakallah so much for starting this. Alhamadulillah it is a great way to use the 2 min of your day. Also I greatly appreciate the idea of putting it on the web so it can be shared with many others as well at their own convienience. Mashallah Ustazah is a great inspiration to me and I have learnt so much from her.
    She has made understanding of Quran so easy and interesting and now not a single day goes by where I do not listen to her. I am a physician with 3 small kids Alhamdulillah and I make sure I take the time out every day to read, understand and study Quran. To me I now feel empty if some day I am not able to do it.
    This is all because of the Guidance from Allah swt through ustazah. She has really made a big difference in my life. I thank Allah swt who made me aware of her wonderful work. May Allah swt always bless her and her family and accept all her efforts.
    Jazakallah Reshma

  11. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    I shared ustazah’s messege about aayat Al kursi with my 6yr and 4yr old kids and from then they ask me every night before sleeping to recite them aayat Al kursi .
    They are learning it by heart too. Ustazah’s messege is a good reminder for us.
    JazakAllah Khair

  12. As Wr Wb, Jazakallah khair for reminder.
    Alhumdullilah that was really good & heart touching May Allah swt accept our efforts.

  13. Assalam-alekum sister Farhat Hashmi,
    Alhamdullilah it is really great way to use your valuable 2 minutes. I tried to learn a lot from this message.
    May Allah swt accept our efforts.

  14. jazakillah khairan brilliant idea maashallah! two minutes advice is effective as it is easy to remember,to perform and to convey.
    lots of love and duas to my dearest ustaaza


  16. Assalam o alaikum Mutaram ustaza farhat hashmi
    dawa ka ye tarika kafi acha he.Allah app kay is tarikay kamiyab farmahe.or hummari is neyat be khalis farmahe kay ye kam sirf or sirf Allah kay liye ho.

  17. Assalamu alaikum.
    Brief and compendious message by madam farhat hashmi is a very useful effort to keep our eeman and trust on Allah during routine life.
    jazakaAlahu khairn kaseera

  18. assalamalakum……ye bohat ache cheez shoro ke hae.jazakallah khaer…..ham to ireland mea rahte hae!kea ye yaha bhe hosakta hae???bohat shukrea

  19. Assalama Alykum Dr farhat hashmi
    aap ki awaz sunkar asey lag raha hy k aap samny batheen hein jazak allah bohat acha masg hy .

  20. Asalam alaikum wr wb Ustaza …..
    Jazak k k for such a nice message …Alh in only two minutes we got a great advice and learnt so much.It taught me to utilise whatever time i have and never stop from saying something good no matter how short the time is.
    May Allah give you good health and keep all of us in his hifz o amaan.

  21. aswrwb jzk for such beautiful, practical reminders-
    it just shows us the true essence of the value of time- within 2 mins how many people are benefitting mashaallah- may Allah accept all your efforts dearest ustaaza and Allah reward u in both worlds abundantly is my dua for you!

  22. Assalam o alaikum,
    piyaree ustazah “two minutes with ustazah” bohot hi achha laga sunker hamesh ki tarha app ki awaz, ilm, waqt aur mohabbat ne mere dill, imaan aur rooh ko sukoon , tazgi aur istifada ponhchaya.
    Masha’Allah waqt aur phone ka behtareen istemal seekha jzk.
    Allah aap ko deen aur duniya ki bhalaiyan ata kare ameen

  23. asalamalaikum warehmatulahi wabarkatuho
    hum jaisay musroof logoon kay liye aapp ki yeh chand lamhoon kay yeh pagamath bhuhat faidamond hain.
    jazak allah khair

    Such a honor to receive Ustadha’s phone calls-she is so sick after performing Hajj, even then never forgets her promise to send a message of Deen on practical life to us.A Great Role Model.
    May Allah(SWT) bless her and keep her in good health. Ameen.

  25. Asalam Alikum,
    Jazakallah khair dear Ustaza for sharing this with us. We can never pay you back for what you have given and giving us. May Allah gives you Sehat kamila and long life so we can keep on getting the benefit of Deen from you.
    You are too special to us because you made us open our eyes as we were sleeping in darkness.
    love you for the sake of Allah

  26. subhanallah ye do mints ki nasihat zehan main islam ka naqsh khench detay hain this way of tableeg and advises are wonderfull, these two mints are some but gold.. be loved zunaira attaria.

  27. Asalam u alikum, JazakAllah khair kaseran ustazah..
    2mins with u is really very memorable n a gift for us from you in the beginning of this new year…Ustazah we all students love u all for the sake of Allah,and i pray we all meet in Jannah..
    May Allah give u health n long n blessed life Ameen..You are v.special for us…

  28. Assalam O Allikum Wa rehmatuAllah hi wa barakatuhu ustaza,
    Jazakum Allah hi kheran kaseeran for such wonderful message. Ap ki awaz or apki sab batain hamesha mera moral high ker deti hai ur simply toooo good Allah ap ko sehate kamilah atta karay or ap hemesha aisay hi ham logo ko guide kerti rahain ameen sum ameen.
    I love u so much ustaza.

  29. ASSALAMUALAIKUM WAREHMATULLAH WABARAKATU i am feeling very good and strengthen whenever i listen from you ustaza. ALLAH SWT gave you the speaking power and there is something in your talk that every word touches th heart.
    may ALLAH SWT protect you and give long blessed life, aur hum hamesha app se khuch na kuch saiktay rahain.
    i want to meet you ustaza.app please uk aeen takay hum bhi ap se mil sakain ap kay samnay baith ker sun sakain.

  30. Assalam o Alaikum ,
    these short messages are too much beneficial for every human being. May Allah give Good health to our respected and dear ustaza.
    jazakillah khair

  31. Assalam O Allikum Wa rehmatuAllah hi wa barakatuhu ustaza,
    Jazakum Allah hi kheran kaseeran. ur voice n ur words just grab my feet every time whenever i become unbalance. i take u as my mother n no doubt u r our spirtual mother.
    My soul is left sumwhere in Alhuda during my study period. I miss u alot Alhuda u gave me light. O Lord plz dont waste me n my knowledge. make me able 2 serve ur deen. Amen.
    O mother u n ur Alhuda is always in my prayers. may u success to the height of stars spreading light life long. Amen. Ur fews words r enough 2 keep us on straight path.
    LIVE LOooo….ng. in peace n health. Amen.

  32. Assalaam alekum dear ustaza.
    Allah aap ko hamesha abaad rakhey kunke aap ne hamari zindagiyan sanwaari hein Allah ke karam se.ALLAH HAAFIZ

  33. Assalamu-alaikum, mashallah its a great effort.may we all benefit with this sweet short n motivating messages of ustazah.ameen.

  34. Assalamualaikum, JZK for my most respected ustazah.
    I love you for Allah. Your efforts for enriching our soul spiritually is praise worthy.
    May Allah reward you for this (ameen).

  35. Assalamu Alikum ustaza
    jazakallhu khiren kaseeran aap ka do mint wala call sunkar bahoth sukoon milta hi mashaallah aapne do mint ko bhi kitna acchese istemal kiya hi jisa ke aap ne kaha hi insan chote kamo ko bhi allah ki ibadat samjhte huwe karen yeh baten hame bahot hunsla dilati hi aap ke next call ke inzar me

  36. Assalamu alikum ustaza
    jazakallah bahot hi acchi duwa sikhai aap ne jis ki hum sab ko zaroorath hi likin tareekha nahi maloom ya maloom rahte huwe bhool jate hi inshaallah aaj se is duwa ko padhne ki koshissh karoongi

  37. A O A useful tips and duwa i need these all time.
    Because of human being i forget really important things ,i need a reminder all the time.this message made me to feel ustaza sitting beside me and giving me advices with love thank you ustaza

  38. Assalamolekum main jab bhi bohat pareshan hoty hoon to aan oos waqat farhathashmi ki call a jaty hee ,or mre dil ko sakoon a jata he allah oon ko himat de or hamary rehnoomai karty rahen

  39. Assalam-O-Alaikum dearest teacher ,MASHALLAH your knowlegde and way of teaching
    SUBHANALLAH you are doing great job for changing our life and characters ,LOTS OF PRAYERS FOR YOU MAY ALLAH ACCEPT IT AMEEN,

  40. Assalam o alaikum MashaAllah beautiful two minute massage.I will inshaAllah play this massage to all my friends and family.
    May Allah give you lots of ajar i khair.

  41. Assalamailakum, i like your all lecture most of tarbiya home work. jise humko har chiz ka pata chla. jazakallah & allha aap ke har kaam mai help kare.

  42. jzk kh kas ustadza for every saturday u remind us such things , these happen in our life . Mashallah your messages are lessons of learning for us.

  43. Asalam o alikum wa rahmatulah hi wa barakatuhu.i feel so good when i hear this 2 min call.may Allah gives u ajar e azeem.jazak Allah ho khair.

  44. ALLAH suhanahu taalaa aap kee kawishoon ko kabool farmaya.main aap kay kam say bahut impress hoon.aap sab kay liya hamary tataf say bahut duaain hain. main aur mery family bahut ziyadah mustafeed ho raha hain.
    jazakallah khairain kaseerain

  45. salam…….mashAllah har aik lafz or har aik baat ko sunnay k baad amal krnay ka ji chahta hy ….or islam ki ahmiat ka pata chalta hy…….jazakAllah

  46. Assalamo alaikum, Alhamdullillah very good advices and beneficial for us insha Allah, In a little time, giving us lot.
    jazakAllaho khairan

  47. Asalamoalaikum w r w b dearest Ustazah:)
    JazakALLAH khair for these lovely informative messages these r the Best reminders in our daily life May Allah SWT give u the best of health, long life and more knowledge so that u keep enlighten our souls. love u for the sake of Allah JazakAllah again for every thing u do

  48. Asalamoalikum warahmatulah ANA OHIBUKIFILLAH USTAZA, completing tafseer with you as a teacher changed my way look at the world. May Allah bless you unlimited AMEEN

  49. Assalamu-alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu,
    mashallah the 2 min message on (depressed-say no to it) is the need of the hour.our sisters cry in front of everyone but never think of knocking the door of Allah n put their problems in front of him n cry while praying.he is the only one who has the solution for the problems.
    May Allah help us to benefit n put them in practise.aameen

  50. Assalamoalaikum wa RahmatuAllahi wa barakatahu, Ustaza these 2 min. calls are really very beneficial for us. May Allah SWT give you ajr-e-azeem and make us best sadqa-e-jaria for you. ameen.

  51. AssalamoAlaikum, MashALLAH, the new web site is so nice and easy to use… I listen to these 2 minutes lecture to get back on track in my daily life. May ALLAH bless you for doing this and keep us on the right path Ameen

  52. jazak Allah o khair un kasira for such a nice n usefull tips as it help us all in daily lives n more than that they increase our confidence in ourselves

  53. Bismillah aaslamaualikum, Ustazzah, Jazakallah Khair for making this extremme effort to remind us, it helps a lot specially when we r relaxing over wkend it reminds us there is no week end we have to do what Allah SWt has asked us to do.
    The reminder saves us from laziness Mashallah alhamdoulillah , May Allah give barakah in ur efforts and Inshalah spread the message and make us all ansar Allah Inshallah ameen waslam shazia

  54. Assalamualaikum,MashaALLAH ,your new tab is really good and easy to use.your two minute call is very be nefitial for me .is ko jari rakheay ga.
    may ALLAH bless you.AMEEN.

  55. Asalamilakum, Aihamdullillah the new web site is so good Ustazah all lectures helpful and two minute call every human being May Allah give good health Jazakallah.

  56. AA Dear Ustazah An old time fan of urs is here again. MashaAllah this 2 minute call programme is a very valuable n useful addition to your website. Its just a two minute call but it is very comprehensive, thought provoking and leaves behind a solid message to act upon.
    The beauty of this two minute talk is that it is quite brief and thus does not take a lot of time, time which is of great value n is becoming a rare commodoty now a days. Now even the busiest of us cannot have an excuse of not having time to listen to reminders. An excellent work started.
    May Allah give you health happiness and increase u more in knowledge so that we keep benefitting from ur efforts. Barak Allahu Feeh.
    We are starting to play these messeges from today in our committee get togethers once in a month. This way in addition to having our usual discussions we can memorise these things again n let our get togeters become blessed n turn into Ibadah.
    Need ur prayers always

  57. Asalamo alaikum warahmatullahe wabarakatohu, MashAllah SubhanAlah, Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s work for deen is outstandingly amazing and I wish her all the blessings of this world and the hereafter ameen.
    She has been a very refreshing voice to listen to, and MAshALlah I cannot thank her and her team enough for having made efforts to spread the knowledge of Islam in cities and places where there was no hope, no respite. May Allah SWT giver her enormous reward and ease in both worlds, ameen.
    Love the 2 min call programme, it is short, precise and invites us to think and learn more about ourselves and our deen.

  58. Jazakillah o khair. this is a very good reminder.I am having such problems currently..in my family.. InshaAllah I will keep in mind this advice whenever I face such a prob again…
    Hope this will improve my daily performance,works and relations with others also

  59. Asalamualikum, ustazah,s two minute call have wonderful impact whenever i face any problem i get solution there.
    Allah give her long life with happynes

  60. Jazakallah khair..Mashallah i just loved ur 2minutes message..its really very wonderful..its like just in 2mins v can explore alot about the deen..its really very helpful..
    May Allah bless u with loadz of happiness and good health

  61. Salam-o-Allikum, Thank you so much for this kind reminder Allah swt guide us right way & bless you.

  62. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah. I’m from brazil, i reverted muslim Alhamdolillah since 8years,i’m so happy and blessing by Allah swt to be a muslim, here in southamerica,we dont have so much things or programs about islam. We having children grownup in non muslim country, here all is so free, totaly, i worry so much about the future of ours childrem as muslims.We cant just watch and say,that time will help tham to learn about Deen.
    If from now, there is nothing to learn,how can they will learn in the future,we need to work from now !. So,pls inshaAllah,my request is to try make webpage in Spanish,like we have in English,it will be very helful wa Allaho alam.
    Jazak Allaho Khairan

  63. Asslam-O-Alykum
    This Section is Great thinking, its requirement of the current era, where people are massively busy in their tasks, Shaitan cannot stop them to spare at least two minuts a day to get islamic education, Jazaka-ALLAH for this.
    Sister Farhat Hashmi is Dr Zakir Naik of Pakistan, Allah had chosen these righlty guided people to polish Islam in the current FITNA ERA,
    May ALLAH give all the Rightly Guided Islamic Scholars a frimness in Deen, Ameen,

  64. Assalamowalikum … JAZAKALLAH no words for ALLAH bless u long n happy life thanks for everything

  65. Assalamu alaikum wrwb respected ustaazah and the whole team,
    jazakumullah khairan katheera for putting the messages in PDF on the website. it is wonderful to listen to the messages on our phones but it is nice to go back and be able to listen and read the message again and again. gives us an opportunity to think and ponder over and over at the same points.
    May Allah swt accept your efforts and make them the best sadaqa e jariya for all of you. assalamu alaikum wrwb Hajra –TQ1429 student

  66. Ayesha Salahuddin
    Asalamu Alaikum,
    I am so happy to listen these messages .
    In these circumstances your messages and teachings are so precious May Allah gives you more strength and health (Amen)

  67. Assalam O Alaikum, I have no words to express my feelings I can only say Jazakallah ! May Allah keep us all on straight path Ameen !

  68. Assalamu alaikm, i m frm india. Me n my frnd listen n like ur lecturs very much, n v r trying to spread ur books n phamphlets here. V already done it during haj. V used all ur material n lecture to trained haji. JazakAllahu khairan kasiran kasira. V wish to b ur student face 2 face.

  69. Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

    This two minute lecture is very helpful to all the muslim bro and sis. Dr.Farhat Hashim Allah aap ko aur deen ke daulat se mala mal karey. (aameen sum aameen)

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