TAWHEED: Oneness of God

by Shumaila Farooqui

The very basis of the religion Islam is the faith & belief in Only One God – Allah.

It is the belief in One Almighty who is the Creator & God of Adam, Abraham, Budha, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. (May peace be upon them). The Creator & God of all other Prophets & Saints, of every Man , of every Woman & Child.

This one God is the only Creator & King of the Universe, the Heavens, the Galaxies, Milky Way, Solar Trailer systems, all other planets & this humble Earth. The Creator of the Sun, Moon, Stars & the skies.

Allah is the only Creator of all creatures big & small. The microscopic organisms, the fish & all sea creatures, the insects, the birds & the beasts.

The Creator of Mountains, Forests, Trees, Bushes, Plants, Flowers or a mere seed.The Creator of the Oceans, Seas, Rivers & Lakes.

The Creator of Gold , Diamonds, Rubies, Pearl, Coal or a mere stone. He is the Creator of Minerals, Chemicals, Oil , Gases, Water & Springs. The Creator of Matter & Anti-matter & all things known & unknown !

It is this God – Allah that is the Greatest & Supreme that everyone of us must believe in, put our trust in, worship & ask for the fulfillment of all our needs & wishes, for every problem or anxiety big or small. It is He who has the power & resources to do Everything.

“ Nay, Allah is your Patron, Lord, Helper, Protector and He is the Best of Helpers “

Reference : The Holy Quran, Chapter: Al-Imran, Verse : 150

Allah is the Finest & the most Genius, He first created a Man – Adam from clay & then put a minute fraction of His own Spirit in Adam and brought him to life as a human being. We all know Adam is the first Man on Earth and rightly so, we don’t call him “the Son of God” considering he had no father or mother.

Then Allah,the Almighty created Eve . The miracle of the birth of Eve was such that she sprouted from the rib of Adam as a complete human being. We know Eve as the first Woman on Earth but we do not associate her as either the daughter of God nor the daughter of Adam considering she was also born through a miracle & had no biological father & mother.

The Magnificent & all powerful Allah can make such amazing things happen that we mere mortals with our mere intellect cannot even imagine.

“ The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it : “BE” ! and it becomes. “

Reference : The Holy Quran, Chapter: Al-Baqarah, Verse : 117

For example how God blessed Prophet Abraham & his wife with a son called Isaac in very old age , the same as God blessed Zechariah a son John in old age.

Another example of God’s miracles is how he provided clouds in the skies as shades & heavenly food – “Mannah” for Prophet Moses & his people for 40 years!

The Almighty also provided heavenly food & fruits to Mary. She was the most noble & pious woman of her time who was visited upon by Angels bringing food & God’s messages to her. One of the Glad tidings to her was the promise of a Noble son who will be assigned to convey God’s message to mankind. Thus like the miracle of life as of Adam & Eve, another miracle of life came to be in the form of Jesus Christ who though was born from a mother’s womb but had no father.

“ Oh Mary ! Verily, God has chosen you, purified you from polytheism and disbelief and chosen you above the women of the mankind and the genie and gives you glad tidings of a son, held in honor in this world and in the hereafter and he will be one of the righteous “

Reference: The holy Quran, chapter: Al-imran, Verses: 42 – 46

As God is all powerful & all capable , creating such miracles in the form of human life was not a big task for Him considering how the Almighty was able to create this whole Universe as we know it & all its creatures in just six days! Therefore the importance of worshipping the One True God is the most logical & rightful thing.

“ Surely your lord is Allah who created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and then rose over the throne disposing the affairs of all things. No intercessor can plead with Him except after HIS permission. That is Allah , your Lord, so worship Him alone. “

Reference: The holy Quran, chapter: 10 (prophet) Jonah, Verse: 3

We know that any kingdom, country, organization or a company can only function peacefully & systematically with just one King, Head of State, CEO or Leader. With multiple leaders disharmony, jealousy, competition & breakdown of system occurs, as we say “too many cooks spoil the broth”!

Similarly if there were to be more than one god, we would definitely have witnessed disruption in the normal system & functionality of the Universe.

The Sun God might refuse to rise in the morning or the God of the Planets might reverse its rhythm on a whim & start rotating in the opposite direction, the God of creatures might refuse to produce & give birth to earthly species or all the different kinds of Gods could become at odds with each other & have a war amongst themselves to show each ones own power & might & so in between the battle of the Gods’ we humble earthly beings would have been crushed & perished !

It is just not logical to perceive that there exists different Gods for different things.

The Holy Quran says there exists only One God , the Almighty & the King of all Kings, under him there are groups & groups of Angles carrying out each & every command of God. Angles main purpose is to serve God, their Master.

Therefore it is imperative that we humans must worship & give credit to this One true God only. This is His right on us and those who keep the faith & belief in the one Supreme God and obey His teachings then they shall indeed be worthy of heavenly rewards & an audience with Him in life hereafter. How blessed & great that moment would be when we mere humans would be able to see the King of the Universe !

“ Allah has promised those who believe in the oneness of Allah and do deeds of righteousness that for them there is forgiveness and a great reward i-e., Paradise. “

Reference: The holy Quran, chapter: 5 Al-Maaidah, Verse: 9



There is NO God except Allah

And Mohammad is His messenger

(may peace & blessings be upon him)

This is the Ultimate Truth
May the Almighty help each & everyone of us recognize & believe in the One God only who neither has any son nor any daughter, who neither tires nor sleeps. He has been here since ever & will remain forever. We are one of his creations & all the Prophets are superior human beings they are God’s friends & messengers only !