Fazail e Qurbani

After the blessed month of Ramazan, the month of Zilhajj holds immense importance in the Islamic calendar. In the month of Zilhajj, Hajj has been made obligatory on the well off Muslims just like fasting has been made compulsory on Muslims in the month of Ramazan.

Like Ramazan is a month of acts of goodness, likewise the good acts of first 10 days of Zilhajj have great reward then the acts of goodness of any other day.

Holy Prophet (SAW) said,

“there is no other day the acts of goodness of which are more liked by Allah than the ones of these 10 days.” (Sahih Bukhari)

The actions that should be performed during the ten days of the 1st ashrah (10 days) of Zilhajj, whose importance has been highlighted in ahadith, are as follows and one should make an effort towards them in order to attain reward.

Zikr (Remembrance of Allah)

Besides other zikr, the special zikr of this ashrah are the following takbeerat:

اَللہُ اَکبَر،اَللہُ اَکبَر،اَللہُ اَکبَر،لَااِلٰہ اِلَّااللہُ وَحدَہُ لَا شَرِیکَ لَہُ،لَہُ المُلکُ وَلَہُ الحَمدُوَھُوَعَلٰی کُلِّ شَیءٍ قَدیر۔

اَللہُ اَکبَر،اَللہُ اَکبَر،لَا اِلٰہ اِلَّا اللہُ وَاللہُ اَکبَر،اَللہُ اَکبَر وَِللہ الحَمد۔

اَللہُ اَکبَرکَبِیراً وَالحَمدُ للہ کَثِیراً وَسُبحَانَ اللہ ِبُکرۃًوَّاَصِیلاً۔ِ


Fasting on the ninth of Zilhajj is a means of earning immense reward. The holy prophet said in this regard that;

“This fast is an atonement of the sins of the past and the coming year.” (Sahih Muslim)

Qurbani (Sacrifice)

The last and the most important act of worship of this ashrah, which is greatly liked by Allah, is sacrifice, which Holy Prophet has instructed us to do willingly.