The Eclipse

by Hira Hasan

Eclipse- the darkness of the objects considered to be the brightest in our universe. The darkness that is not actually there, but is an effect of the alignment of the two bright objects which results in the object dependant on the fluorescent to become dull too. A paradox… an enigma… what it all seems. The beauties, the enrichment and the perfection is distorted not because of a confusion or a mistake, but because it was meant to be. The slow process of the moon/sun being shadowed casts fear in us with the same rate. Fear that is unknown and hidden, fear that has nothing to do with our personal beings… a fear truly unknown.

The peak of the eclipse calls for the level of desperateness. Confusion arises amongst the species which do not understand. During a solar eclipse, the creatures of the night come out of their homes to have what is in store for them as a treat by the dark. Nocturnal plants blossom, not knowing that there will be light in just a little more time. Happiness, that is just a lie, flourishes for the creatures of the dark. The moon setting in between the source of light and the beggar of light creates discrepancies and incongruity.

Human beings, most of which are the ‘creatures’ of the dark, are living in the eclipse of life. For those who admire the Light and are dependant on it, find it hard to cope during the dark times. They know that the darkness is just there for a short time. The ‘dark’ and ‘evil’ creatures have a treat through out this period, enjoying what ever they want fulfilling their dirty wishes, craving for the materialistic things, screaming and acting insane when they don’t get them, fighting each other for possessions and in fact blooming in the darkest of conditions. This is beauty for them. This is life for them. The light is soon coming. When they are struck with the harsh reality that what they enjoyed was merely a shadow, not an object, they try to go back and find a refuge. But it’s too late.

A panic is created. For those who venerated the Light, the Truth is splendor. They achieve what they awaited for years. Their sixth sense which used to save them from the deceptions proved worth while and they are given what they wanted. The Light… the Truth… the Reward.