Isn't it time to come back to Allaah?

Asma Binte Shameem

We were once lost in the gloom of ignorance
Plunged deep in the heart of unawareness
Worshipping dumb idols made of stone
“Who would resurrect us, flesh and bone?”

We would shed blood for petty reasons
Remaining in war throughout the seasons
We would bury baby girls, no mercy did we feel
Nothing seemed cruel to those hearts of steel

And just when it seemed that we were doomed
In front of our eyes our destruction loomed
Allaah, the Merciful and the Almighty
Sent us Muhammad…. a Guidance, a Mercy

He brought us out of darkness into light
He guided us, he showed us wrong from right
As we submitted to Allaah, Imaan filled our hearts
That’s where the great story of our Triumph starts

Under his leadership we conquered the world
With all of its treasures…. at our feet unfurled
With Imaan in our hearts so strong so bright
No one could defeat us, such was our might

The strongest authority one had ever heard
Our only mission…. to spread Allaah’s Word
We were good Muslims…. with patience and piety
We were One Ummah…. all brothers with sincerity

But now those blessed days are all but gone.

Now things have been turned upside down
Muslims and Islam are looked down upon.
Where is our Glory? Where is our Dawn?

The world is killing us, tearing us apart
They are eating away at our very heart
We are despised, reviled….we’re humiliated
We’ve lost our honor, we’re subjugated

“They will invite each other to attack you,” he said
“Just as to a feast,” he foretold years ahead
“But why, O Messenger of Allaah?” they said.
“Love of the Dunya and hatred of death,”

What will it take… for you to realize?
What’s going to make you open your eyes?
What will make you hear the children crying?
Do you not see your brothers and sisters dying?

How can you remain silent when you see the aggression
Why are you not moved when you see the oppression
Did you, O Dear Muslim, ever ask….”Why?”
Why are we so low, though once sky high?

Its because we strayed away from Allaah
Its because we forgot the laws of Sharee’ah
Its because we forgot there’s a Day of Judgment
We just got lost in the Worldly enjoyment

We followed our desires, we neglected the prayer
We abandoned the Sunnah….we just didn’t care
But even in these times of shame and desperation
YOU have the power to change the situation

If each one of you will change for the better
Our strength will surely be put back together
Repent to Allaah….come back to the Sunnah
Mend your ways….that will renovate the Ummah

Keep the Qur’aan close to your side
Make the Prophet your beloved Guide
And in this tough time of hardship and despair
Don’t forget the ultimate power of prayer

Allaah says, “O You who believe!”
If you help Allaah, surely He will relieve…
All of your burdens…. all of your sorrow
Soon there will be a brighter tomorrow

So get up O Muslims! Time to take a stance!
If Allaah is with us, no one stands a chance!
Haven’t we been humiliated enough?
Hasn’t there been plenty of rough?

Why are you asleep? Wake up O Ummah!
Isn’t it time to come back to Allaah??!!