The Quest

Zainab Habib, Abu Dhabi
If only we could sit back and let life’s vain desires pass us by
Remind ourselves that someday soon each one shall die.
But pride, ambition, greed, materialism
Love of fun & frolic & all life’s other vanities
With a magnetic force, they draw us nigh
Like a fool in their pursuit, we let our lives slip by.
Despite all this, elusive stays that peace of mind
We know exists – it can be seen in many eyes.
Groping blindly, seeking, searching,
Yet, so close; we’d find the answers if we try!
Stop ourselves from being lured by worldly charms,
Remind ourselves each waking moment, nothing lasts.
No power, riches, glory, relationships, repeated “I”s,
None of these will matter in the graves we lie.
If passions & possessions seize our hearts to such a point,
That sacrificing these for love of God can make us cry.
Smash these idols and then God’s door will open wide,
For only in His worship does contentment lie.
We pray to You Oh God, and how we pray!
To help us weed out all those thoughts which block our way.
To You, for You see all that lies within our hearts.
Without Your help our troubled hearts will fall apart!