Working Smart

Zainub Habib

Missed opportunities will surely be a source of great regret
Not only in this very world, but also in the next

Man will say, “Oh woe to me! Why on earth was I
So careless in letting such good chances pass me by?”

That will surely be the time when every deed will count
And wealth, power, fame – such things, will be of no account

Except if men had used them in the service of their God
And to please Him alone, seeking closeness to their Lord

So let’s all learn the word ‘Ibadah and what its all about
The acts of worship that in the Afterlife will really count

It’s an all-encompassing term, more than the ritual acts
Everything that’s done to please Allah, ‘Ibadah is just that

This includes giving people the rights we owe to them
It’s money, time, attention, even supplicating for them

Yes, time is that resource, once gone it can’t come back
So wasting precious time in life will really make you sad.

Use the time you have on earth – save up for Afterlife
Prayer, dhikr, sadaqa, fast, there’s so much you can find

Do work smart, investigate and get to know those times
In which the Quran and Hadith tell us rewards are multiplied

Tahajjud is a prayer at a time when people sleep
It’ll bring you close to Allah and just see how good you’ll feel

Friday is the Lord of days, on it the world will end
Pray, supplicate and send darud, give it its due respect

The first ten days of Zilhajj are ideal for good deeds
Ramadan and its last ten days, their excellence you can’t beat

Shawwal’s six fasts with Ramadan’s like fasting all year round
13th 14th and 15th is like fasting all month round

Praying in the night of Qadar, fasting Mondays and Thursdays,
All these are great opportunities to get your sins erased

The dhikrs our Prophet (s.a.w) taught us, do constantly recite
It’s another way of earning reward at every place and time

The du‘as for different occasions, on learning them be keen
And just make saying Bismillah, a part of your routine

Think of Allah’s blessings, see how humbled you will feel
Constantly show gratitude through your heart, your tongue & deeds

So many opportunities are there, don’t let them just slip by
It’s all these things we miss out on, that’ll really make us cry

And whatever knowledge you acquire, be sure to pass it on
If others act upon it, you’ll benefit when you are gone

The ways to earn Allah’s goodwill are numerous, you know
Be proactive – learn, plan and do and in this just don’t be slow.