The Earthquake

From the mound of rubble, a little voice cries
“Please help me”, then it fades and dies

Cries, anguish, tears, there’s despair all around
There’s no face you can see on which hope’s to be found

An old man is seated, next to him is a corpse
It’s his only son, “O please help him God!”

A little girl holding a hand so tight
It’s her brother’s hand who died last night

Blood pouring from wounds, there’s a stench in the air
Towards the sky the dead just stare

It’s freezing cold, people thirsty and starved
No fire or light, its just pitch dark

A baby is crying, it can sense something’s wrong
‘Cause the comfort of its mother’s arms is gone

I sit there and look at the distressing scenes
It seems so unreal on the TV screen

Then all of a sudden I start to weep
That could be my child, that could be me!

The tears won’t stop – it’s like a dam that’s burst
‘Cause something tells me it’s going to get worse

Will things ever be the same? O God we need help
It’s not only their trial, but ours as well

Then all of a sudden, something happens to me
It’s like I’ve been blind and now I can see

No weeping for me! That’s all in the past
Let me get into action and do my part.