Muhammad's Company (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam)

By Fatima bint Barakatullah

(A student of Islam in London)

My heart yearns to be in your company,
Proclaim your call, setting shackled minds free,

Defend your person, fulfill every decree,
Fight at your side, repel each enemy,

See your face, with its moon-like quality,
Would that this honour be given to me,

Yet, regret I must, I am not worthy,
Unfit to be in blessed company,

Of those for whom Jannah was destiny,
The chosen few, who were exemplary,

Hand-picked by Ar-Rahman, honoured to be,
Friends travelling with you on your journey,

Companions of your blessed history.
I swear, as long as there is breath in me,

In your footsteps will I traverse patiently,
Striving, longing for the day that I may be,

United in your blessed company.